The best suits

The suit is the most traditional set of men’s fashion. It has survived for generations and trends, reinvented itself and today is synonymous with good taste and a necessary item in any men’s wardrobe. However, it is necessary to follow some rules so that you are well dressed and elegant.

There are three different types of cuts, each best adapts to a style and body type. The Italian cut is more waisted, with narrow sleeves, tight on the chest, but not attached to the body, low-waisted pants, well-structured shoulders, wide lapels in a notched format, tighter jacket waist, flapless pocket, no slits on the part back of the jacket. The English cut is looser and slightly waisted, with the pants adjusted to the body. The shoulders are less structured, with thin notched lapels, flap pockets and 2 rear slits. The Classic or American cut has a straight and comfortable fit, shoulders with a moderate structure, notch or peak lapels, slightly belted, flap or slash pockets and just a slit.

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One of the most formal attire that exists, the black tie consists of a black tuxedo, white shirt, bow tie, waistcoat and dress shoes. This is an extremely formal and sophisticated aspect, being used more by the trainees than by the revelations.

It is worth mentioning that this type of prom suit can have some variations, such as not using the vest, for example. Still, this is a completely formal outfit and suitable for an occasion.

Formal and classic wedding suits that are worn at night events, are an elegant alternative to evening weddings that have a certain formality. They are usually black suits and used with black or dark ties, always with more sober cores. It is ideal for those who want to give an air of classic.

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