Fall Maxi Dresses at Holapick

Hi loves, how are you?
Every season of the year asks for different look styles, different shades, and you can find all of this at Holapick, which is an online store, which ships worldwide, and with free shipping for orders over $79. That’s right, in this store there are so many beautiful things that in the blink of an eye you can fill your cart.

And do you believe that the store has a promotion page for cheap womens fall clothing? They are beautiful and vibrant pieces perfect for Autumn, which is a season so full of life and cozy. I have separated some pieces to show you:

This first dress is a very feminine floral, perfect for that outdoor walk, or a family lunch. It has a very fluid fabric, with movement, and at the same time gives an air of elegance.
It has for all body sizes, and a tip when buying clothes at an online store is to always take your body measurements in centimeters first, it’s much easier to find the right size.

This pink dress is one of my favorites, the polka dots are always on, and I think it’s super feminine and relaxed. This rose conveys a sweet and gentle air, and the dress model is perfect for a day event.

Now this casual fall maxi dresses is for those more relaxed outings, among friends, a trip to the restaurant perhaps? Or a late afternoon with the family. This printed sunflower was amazing and super stylish.

It’s very easy to buy at the store, you just choose your pieces, and finish your purchase, then you’ll need to register, enter your address, card details, and that’s it. Any questions can ask me that I will help you.

Hey, what was your favorite maxi dress? Tell me everything here in the comments, and don’t forget to visit the store, you’ll love it!

Choose your perfect dress at MyChicDress

Hi loves, how are you?
The end of the year is coming, and with it the big parties too. There are so many events: weddings, birthday parties, graduations, among others. With that in mind, it is very important that you know where to find the ideal dress for each occasion.

You’ve heard about MyChicDress, it’s an online store that specializes in selling amazing dresses for your special moment. Are you getting married this year? Or do you know someone who is getting married? You need to know this store. Each wedding dress has one more beautiful than the other. Even Black Wedding Dresses are in the store and I can prove to you that it is the most beautiful thing! I know it’s unusual to be married in black, but nowadays many brides are making that choice, just to get away from the pattern.

Now if you are going to be a bridesmaid at the store you will also find wonderful dresses for this occasion. The green color is super high, and this one in the photo below is perfect in my opinion. It’s strapless, and has a very beautiful slit, which makes the dress and consequently you, much sexier. The fabric is a wet velvet, which makes it even more dazzling.

There’s also a dress for the kids! The girl who takes the flowers will become a little princess! Look how I love this dress below!

Even though a lot of things have been delayed by this pandemic, but I’m sure a lot of people are graduating this end of the year, and of course at ChicMyDress you’ll find Prom Dresses 2022. I’ve already graduated, and I know how hard it is to find the perfect dress ! Many questions arise, whether it should be long, or short, which color to choose. But here the variety of dresses is immense, there is something for all tastes, and you will surely find your ideal dress.

That’s it loves, I hope you liked the tips!

WordMakeup Is The Best!

Hi loves, how are you?
Going back to talk a little more about the wordmakeup store that has piqued my interest so much! No site has all the beauty brands you can imagine, an immense variety.

One of the best things is the cheap makeup brands, I even separated some of my choices to show you, the price difference is quite high, and it’s much more worth buying at wordmakeup.

MAC lipsticks are only $12, can you believe it? I’ve always been in love with the brand’s lipsticks, and I have many colors, it’s an addiction!! And I really like their quality, because they are pigmented, comfortable to apply on the lips, have beautiful and innovative colors, and the smell reminds me of chocolate.

This Giorgio Armani base looks amazing! I’ve heard very good talk about her, and it’s been a while since she’s been on my list of makeup I need to buy. If you ask me which makeup item I think is worth investing in, I will answer without a doubt that it is the foundation. A beautiful and well-made skin makes all the difference when it comes to the look. wordmakeup as a wholesale cosmetics store, serves many customers, and ships all over the world!

MAC illuminators also have a place in my heart! The brand is one of the best on the market, and is always innovating and on top of trends. The extra dimension skinfinish mac is a very fine illuminator, and it looks super natural on the skin, giving it a cinematic glow. The transparent packaging in my opinion gives a more elegant touch to the product.

Speaking of illuminators, I’ve always been crazy to have this Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit – Moonchild palette, the colors are very bold and different, there’s even a purple illuminator! I love these innovations. Unfortunately where I live it’s expensive, but at WordMakeup it’s only $14, and I was blown away when I saw this price, it’s very cheap, and I need to buy it!!

Tell me, what was your favorite product?

The Best Makeup at Wordmakeup

Hi loves, how are you? Hope so!
As you know, I love talking about tips from the female world around here, especially makeup, who doesn’t? And when I find a store full of amazing products that are worth buying, I have to point them to you.

Have you ever heard about wordmakeup.com? It is an online store that sells wholesale makeup and cosmetics from the best brands in the world and at great prices. I was super excited when I saw the variety of products we find in the store. In our country we don’t always find all the international brands we want, so it’s always good to find a new store that will fulfill our desire.

One of the items I most wanted to buy was this Bobbi Brown powder, it is one of the most famous and adored in the world! All I hear is good talk, and he’s been on my wishlist for a while. Not to mention that its value is cheaper at Wordmakeup.

Now look at this Nars eyeshadows palette, what a beautiful thing!!! I really need her to be part of my makeup collection! Another eyeshadow palette that I loved is the one below, from Too Faced. She is very famous, and a great choice for those who like a more neutral look. And believe it or not, it smells like chocolate!!

But one item that made my heart beat faster was this Anastasia eyeshadow palette, she is perfect! It has neutral tones and colored tones in one palette, meaning it’s for all tastes! No doubt she’s on my list of makeups I need to buy!

The store ships worldwide, and it’s super easy to buy! All you have to do is place your choices in the shopping cart, and after you finish, just make your registration by filling in your details and the card. Any questions just tell me that I’ll help.

But that’s it, I hope you enjoyed it, and tell me which of the products I showed you here was your favorite?

The most stylish clothes at Ninacloak!

Hi my loves, all right? Everything is great around here!! And as usual, I came to talk about the subject I like to talk about here, fashion, but specifically, I came to recommend a virtual store for you that I met a little while ago and I loved it right away!

Have you ever heard of the Ninacloak store? The store was founded in 2017 and at first was to be just a women’s blouses store, but over time they saw that we women need much more than that in our wardrobes, and they soon became a store that sells the latest trends of fashion.

I was delighted with several pieces, and I separated my favorites to show you, look:

I fell in love with trendy womens sweaters! The store has a huge variety of pieces, for all tastes and styles! This one on top has everything to do with me, I can imagine countless looks to compose with him. The neutral tone also caught my attention, as I’m super in this vibe right now.

This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful! I found his delicacy and elegance beautiful! This one is to compose that more chic look, without ceasing to be super stylish. I need this sweater in my closet now!

Now look how beautiful this yellow blouse! The store also has trendy womens tops, one more stylish than the other. This blouse is perfect for next summer, imagine her with a pair of jeans, and a baggett bag. So perfect!

This white one with black details is very beautiful too! Besides being very youthful and stylish. And to buy at the store, it’s very easy! You just choose the items you want to buy, then checkout and then fill in your registration details. There is no mystery!

But that’s it, I hope you enjoyed the post, and pay a visit to the store!