Your princess dress is on Yelure

Looking for a dress for that special moment is not always easy, so it is important to do good research to buy the clothes that will mark an important moment in the right place.

There are several special moments when we want to be well dressed and feel like princesses, and one of them is when you are invited to be a bridesmaid at your best friend’s wedding. This moment seems magical, as it is the realization of a dream for someone very important to you.

Normally the bride chooses a specific color for all her bridesmaids to wear, so it is important to stay on top of trends and bring modernity to the wedding. I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but Dusty Blue Bridesmaid Dresses are super popular, as they remind me a lot of the tone of Cinderella’s dress.

It is a more discreet and at the same time very sophisticated style of blue, which makes the look more elegant. It’s a very popular color lately, which has won the hearts of brides and bridesmaids.

And the best place for you to find this shade of dress and many others is at, which is a store that has everything you need to shine in this special moment. See some models you can find in the store.

Look how beautiful this model is with the very fluid and light fabric. It is perfect for more delicate and feminine women. Bet on accessories with neutral tones to match, it will look amazing!

A tip when choosing a size: have your measurements written down, so you can customize your size, and buy the perfect dress for you. This way, there is no risk of the item arriving to you in the wrong size.

If you are more discreet, but don’t like to go unnoticed, opt for this model with thin straps and a beautiful slit. Its neckline is straight and well-behaved, a very elegant dress that will make you feel like a princess.

If you prefer, there is this other chiffon model that looks very chic! It has a very light and fluid fit, and is great for daytime weddings, or even at night.

Don’t forget to visit the store, I’m sure you’ll love it!

The most beautiful Rust Bridesmaid Dresses

The Earthy tones are super popular lately, minimalism and neutral tones have won the hearts of many people, including mine. And we increasingly see this trend at parties and special occasions, such as weddings, for example.

Normally, when brides choose their bridesmaids, they choose a dress color so that they all wear the same and match, which makes the ceremony much more beautiful and harmonious. And a much requested color lately is rusty tones, as it’s a tone that came with everything this season.

The Rust Bridesmaid Dresses are elegant and very sophisticated! They look great on those with a warm skin tone. And you can bet on neutral accessories, like black and nudes to match. I separated some incredible models that I loved to show you.

Do you already know the store? It is a store specializing in party and special occasion dresses, and there you will find the most beautiful bridesmaid dresses. Look at this model in the photo above, it is super elegant and looks incredible on the body. It has a well-structured neckline, thin straps and shoulder straps that add extra charm.

Another model is this one with a V neckline, crossed with ties and a beautiful slit, which makes the look more sensual without losing elegance. The store has different sizes of dresses, for all body types, but I recommend that when choosing your size, you write down your measurements. This way, there is no risk of buying the wrong size.

This model is one of my favorites, with chiffon fabric and ruffled details, it is a super feminine piece. Another point is that it leaves your shoulders bare, so it’s great for hot days.

The store has shipping options that fit your needs, and your dress will arrive at your home as quickly as possible. You will also find several payment methods for your convenience.

But tell me, what did you think of the dresses? Pay a visit to the store and see how they have a huge variety of beautiful pieces, which will make you feel like a princess in that special moment.

Velvet dresses for a special night!

The end of the year is approaching, and at this time there are many weddings. If you’ve recently been asked to be a bridesmaid, this article is for you. One of the hottest trends is Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses, as in many countries the weather is getting colder and winter is approaching.

Velvet is perfect for colder seasons, plus it’s super sexy and elegant at the same time, depending on how you wear it. Choosing a dress for this special occasion must be done very carefully, so that you look stunning, without taking away from the bride’s shine, of course.

Have you ever heard of the store? It is a store specializing in party dresses, with a huge diversity, for all tastes and all body types. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with several if you visit the store. Check out some beautiful models that I chose to show you.

Look at this stunning model! With a V-neckline and a very beautiful slit, which adds a touch of sensuality. It’s a very comfortable dress that will leave you free to enjoy the party. Bet on accessories to spice up your look.

This is another model in green that also has a transverse V-neckline, with a beautiful slit. It doesn’t have sleeves, so it’s great for that evening wedding party when the weather is cooler. Bet on more delicate accessories!

This blue model is one of my favorites! It is fully double-breasted, also with slits and has thin straps. I recommend that you choose silver accessories, as they go very well with this shade of blue.

And if you like a darker tone, and want a more well-behaved model, the one in the photo above is ideal. It has no slit, is long to the floor, and has thin straps to give a lightness to the look.

Did you see how there are several beautiful options for you to choose from? So take the opportunity to decide your dress for this special party for someone important to you. Which dress did I show here that you liked the most?

The Perfect Dress for Bold Brides on Yelure

At a wedding, one of the first things we think about is the bride’s white dress. This tone is used by at least 98% of brides, it refers to purity, and is a classic, which is always present. But over the years, many brides have been more daring, and chosen different shades to wear on this special moment.

Of course, it depends a lot on the bride’s style too, for example, women who have a more gothic style have opted for Black Wedding Dresses Uk. They attract attention by themselves, you have to have a strong personality to wear them, but they look amazing!

You can choose puffier models or even models that are thinner on the body, and with glamorous makeup you will look like a queen. Have you ever thought about the possibility of getting married in a black dress?

And the best place for you to find your stunning black dress is at, the store specializes in party dresses, for those special moments that you will remember forever, be it a wedding, a graduation, and even even a debutante party. You will definitely find your ideal dress. Take a look at some models you can find in the store.

The black dress already has drama in itself, and the one in the photo above is no different. It is very puffy, with layered appliqués and long sleeves. Ideal for that glamorous evening wedding. In fact, bolder dresses like this example are more suitable for evening weddings. If you are getting married during the day and want to wear a black dress, opt for models with more fluid fabric, which are more delicate.

This is another model that will make you feel like a queen. It even has a cover with 3D flower applications. It is very sophisticated and at the same time ideal for that bride who likes to be daring. The store works with different sizes, from smaller to plus size, and the best thing is that you can even customize your size for free.

For those who like transparency, this model above is ideal. It is very delicate and bold at the same time, has flower applications, and a V neckline that enhances the bride even more. It’s an option that many brides love, as it looks incredible on the body.

But and you? Would you get married in a black dress?

Quality shapewear is at WaistDear

Hi loves! I know that many of you know that I usually play sports, training in the gym has become my passion, of course, a routine in my life. With that, nowadays I try to buy quality clothes that will make me more comfortable in my workouts, in addition to being able to use them on a daily basis.

Do you know the store? They have been in the market for more than 10 years, and are leaders in body shaping clothing, sportswear and post-suction. They are manufacturers and suppliers for several stores around the world, and they have excellence in all their products.

These days I was looking for wholesale high waisted leggings, and I found several incredible models in the sweetheart waistband, they have something for all tastes and body types, and what I thought was most cool is the fact that the high-waisted leggings have zips, to give more firm abdomen.

I am in love with black leggings, because in addition to going to the gym, I can also use them in my day to day life, and put together several super stylish looks. Look how amazing it looks with a denim jacket and white sneakers.

These pants bring many benefits, because they contour the entire body, accentuating our curves, flatters the butt, models the legs, and even slims the waist, keeping fat in place. Undoubtedly it is a great choice for those who like practicality and comfort, combined with high quality.

Have you ever seen leggings imitating jeans? This model is super modern, and looks amazing on the body. It has a high waist to shape the waist and give the body an hourglass shape. You can wear it with heels, and assemble very versatile looks for your day to day.

Another product that caught my attention at waist dear was the post surgery shapewear. Gym workouts aren’t always enough, and nowadays, many people are sticking to abdominal surgeries to get the body they’ve always wanted. That’s why at WaistDear you will find incredible models to use after surgery.

After having surgery, the person goes through a very delicate moment of rest, so buy quality post-surgical clothes, as they will give you more comfort at this stage.

In the store you will find many great models, just browse a little to choose the ideal piece for you. And if you also have a store, and want to have WaistDear as your supplier, they also do waist trainer drop shipping, to facilitate your business, and help you make much more profit.

So, be sure to visit the store and see how much amazing stuff there is! I’m sure you’ll fall in love with the quality.

The best bridesmaid dresses

Are you going to be a bridesmaid in 2023? Then this post is for you. If you still don’t know the store, know that you are wasting your time. There you will find the best bridesmaid dresses, as well as wedding dresses and prom dresses. It is the ideal place for you to find the perfect dress for that very special event.

Nowadays, at weddings, Modest Bridesmaid Dresses are being requested, that is, simple dresses with pure elegance that give a charm in itself, to whoever is wearing it. I chose 3 beautiful dresses, which I would wear if I were a friend’s bridesmaid.

The first dress has a much requested color in recent years by the bride. This candy pink is very cute and elegant, it brings femininity to the look, and to compose the piece we still have embroidery and one shoulder. The most romantic women will love this model.

This model is also very sophisticated, a very beautiful shade of blue that brings delicacy to the look. The dress is sleeveless, and still has a tie on each shoulder. You can use this lashing in other ways, such as tying it around your neck for example. The neckline is in V, making the dress more modern.

For brides who want their bridesmaids in a red dress, we also have the ideal dress. It is beautiful, has a more closed neckline, and its fabric is very fluid and light. The shade of red makes the piece more elegant.

It’s very simple to buy on the site, you just have to register, enter your address and credit card details to complete the purchase. And don’t forget that the store also has other types of dresses for you to find your perfect dress.