Modeling the body!

Hi loves, how are you?
I confess, with the quarantine, I gained a few extra greases, it was almost inevitable, at home all the time, without being able to go out, walk, it is really difficult. I have always been thinner, and I am strangling my body like this now, as this is the biggest weight I have ever had in my life, although I have not weighed myself lately.

Because of that, lately I have been thinking a lot about using waist cincher for women, I wonder if they really help to reduce our waist, and I have heard people who have used them speak very well. I am looking to buy a strap, and these days I was researching and found the LoverBeauty store, where you can find straps, modeling panties, among other things.

Look at some straps you have in store.

Browsing the site, I also found the shaper panty, and I found it incredible. It must be great to wear with a dress on that occasion that you want to have the perfect modeling. The modeling panties go up just below the breasts, so it’s perfect to not let any fat appear.

The model panties has since the most dug version, for the bermuda style version, and has a nude tone, to get better with the skin tone. Before you ask me, sizes range from S to 3XL or 6XL, depending on the product.

Another thing that caught my attention on the site was a post on how to lift buttocks with tape, I found it super interesting, and it’s very worthwhile to read it. Everyone wants a more upright butt, and in the post you will know how to solve it.

I loved visiting the store, and I highly recommend you visit it too. Remember that the store also works with Plus Size. So what are you waiting for to visit the store? Go there and come back here to tell me what you think.

Fitagem com Creme de Pentear Seda Boom Apaixonada por Cachos

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Eu adoro trazer videos de finalizações de cabelos com novos cremes que estou usando, e dessa vez eu trouxe o Seda Boom Apaixonadas por Cachos, que promete Definição e Hidratação.

Assista ao video abaixo:

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O que acharam da definição? Me conte nos comentários.

Resenha: BT Plump da Bruna Tavares

Pra quem não sabe o BT Plump é um gloss que tem efeito de dar mais volume aos lábios. Ele foi lançado a pouco tempo e eu logo fiz o pedido do meu.

Então eu gravei video falando sobre ele e mostrando se realmente dá algum efeito.Assista abaixo.

Eai o que acharam? Já usaram esse gloss?

Video: Comprinhas na Sunset Cosméticos

Em tempos de pandemia não podemos ficar dando bobeira na rua não é?! E com a quarentena as compras onlines aumentaram. Eu estou comprando praticamente tudo pela internet, e esses dias fiz umas comprinhas na Sunset Cosméticos, que é uma loja online de beleza que cada dia tem me cativado mais.

Eu fiz um video mostrando minhas comprinhas com mais detalhes, e falo um pouco mais sobre a loja. Então dá o play:

Espero que tenham gostado. Me deixem nos comentários se já usaram algum desses produtos.

Best workouts with Power Guidance

Hi loves, how are you?
Continuing with the gym talk, one thing I think is really cool is doing home work out, because we don’t always have the time or money to go to the gym.
At Power Guidance you can find many different types of exercise products, and it’s great to know about a reliable and inexpensive place to shop.

I really enjoy doing exercises at home, especially dancing. It’s super good to achieve a more fitness life, As I said in the previous post, a sedentary life is not good for our health.

I separated some products from the store for you to check out:

The above product that can be used in exercises, even like yoga too, are ropes for pulling and increasing endurance.
It is made of latex and has 5 colors available to choose from.

In store also has the “5PC Set Stretch Resistance Bands”, the thicker the band, the more assistance it gives for pull-ups, so it is recommended to buy several different sizes so you have access as your skills improve.

It also has these leg training anklets for a very good price.

And these arm workout tracks in the website description reads as follows:

“Two carabiners are attached for more convenience.
Premium nylon belt and metal rings, durable and hard to break.
Portable and lightweight, perfect for exercising on the road or at home.
The handle is made of hard and thickened plastic and wrapped by soft foam. Suitable for aerobic and anaerobic exercises, muscle training and others.”

So that’s it guys, as I said also the site has several payment methods, and the prices are great. It’s worth a visit in the store.

You know the store Power Guidance?

Hi loves, how are you?
It’s been about two months since I came back to the gym, and I’m enjoying it so much. It’s always good to exercise, I love it!
It’s very easy for you to have a sedentary life, and I was like that. Even if we work abroad, if we don’t have time in our daily practice, we are sententary.
Since coming back to the gym, I’ve been feeling more excited, more willing. And besides doing bodybuilding, I have dance classes, abdominal, stretching, among others.
These days, I met an online store called Power Guidance, which sells various artifacts, for gym, yoga.

In the store you find the balance mat, which is a kind of mattress for you to balance, on the site has the following description:

“Our Balance Pad adds no-slip, a non-scuff surface on both sides.
If you have lower back pain while sitting, our Balance Pad Elite is an excellent resource to strengthen your lower back muscles.
The cushion moves the stress from your lower back to your stomach muscles, thus reducing the impact on your back and strengthening your abdomen at the same time.”

This product everyone knows, the Yoga Mat Non-slip Pad, I have one, and I use to do Yoga or another type of exercise. Click on the photo to know more about the product.

This Yoga Foam Roller was one of the products I was most curious to use, I confess I never used, and it must be very interesting. It should help a lot in activities like abdominal for example.

And I really liked the store prices, I found it very affordable. They deliver worldwide, so it’s worth a visit on the site. They have several payment methods, among them are Paypal, VISA and MASTERCARD cards. It is very simple to buy in the store, just register, put the data and ready. Well, if you have questions, just let me know. I really hope you enjoyed it.