Training beautiful with Lover-Beauty

Hi loves, how are you?

Every day that passes I see how important it is to take care of the body and worry about our physical health, and for that reason, every day I have been doing my physical exercises. I have attended training classes, and focused as much as I can. I’m already starting to see some results.

I confess to you that my gym clothes are a little old, and I need to buy some new pieces. Browsing the internet, I found the Lover-Beauty website, you know? In this dedicated store, everything you can imagine, that involves this world of fitness, and body care.

I separated some pieces to show you, I am completely in love and I already want to buy everything.

In the store you will find wholesale sportswear, of the most diverse models and colors. This pink set above is one of my favorites. It is an animal print, which makes the look much more youthful and stylish.
Below is this blue, which is also perfect. I was enchanted with this print, and the fact that the blouse has a sleeve, makes me like it even more.

Another thing that I find super interesting and that sells at Lover-Beauty are body shaper buttock lifter, I’m dying to buy it, because in addition to defining and fine-tuning the waist, it also raises the butt more. And I really need this.

It has several models and colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your reality. And the best thing is the prices, much cheaper than on other sites.

It is important to remember that the store also has Plus size, that is, it has it for everyone! And it’s very easy to buy, you just have to register, choose the parts you want, and pay with an international credit card, all without mystery.
If you want any help, you can say that I will try to help you.

Acessórios de bijus, essa moda voltou!

Eu lembro que quando eu tinha uns 11/12 anos as bijuterias de miçangas estavam super em alta, e além de eu usar, eu adorava fazer também, logo depois comecei a vender, e fazia maior sucesso!!! Para minha surpresa desde o ano passado elas estavam ameaçando volta, e agora em 2021 voltaram com tudoo!!!

Fui dar uma pesquisada nas lojas, porém achei o preço bem salgado, e pensei, porque não fazer as minhas? Já que eu adoro fazer, e acho super relaxante passar o tempo fazendo essas bijuterias. Então comprei algumas miçangas e me joguei. Isso vira um vício! rs

Estou adorando voltar a usar essa tendência, pois dar um ar mais divertido e alegre ao look! Claro que temos que tomar um certo cuidado, para as meninas mais clássicas, nem sempre essa tendência vai cair bem.

Se vocês gostarem desses modelos que mostrei e quiser comprar comigo, é só me chamar lá no insta que a gente conversa.

O que acharam?

Look Pretinho Básico

Oi amores, tudo bem? Eu acredito que uma das peças mais coringas que você deve ter em seu guarda roupa é um vestido preto básico! Com ele você cria inúmeros looks, desde para uma ida ao shopping até para um look poderoso de balada.
Para quem quiser saber, esse vestido foi super baratinho, da loja Amo Oppen, que por sinal é uma loja daqui do RJ famosa no Brasil todo por seus preços super baixos.

Mas e você? Já tem seu pretinho básico no guarda roupa?

Cheap waist trainer on Feelingirldress

Hello everyone, everything good?
My body has been changing with quarantine, and I have been looking for methods to improve the appearance of my body. Browsing the internet, I found the Feelingirldress Waist Trainer store, and I could see different types of straps, for all tastes.

You can see that it has different sizes of straps, so there is no danger of not having your size. The prices are also incredible, they are very cheap. I have separated some models to show you.

This super black model shapes the waist, is very resistant and has 2 adjustable velcro. In its designer has a zipper to close the strap and provide more security.

I also found the best butt lifting leggings my ass, and I found it incredible. It must be great to use with other types of clothes on that occasion that you want to have a perfect modeling. The modeling legging rises just below the breasts, so it is perfect for not letting fat appear.

The coolest thing about this site is that you find cheap waist trainer, and the best quality. It has several types, several colors, everything to suit your need and taste.

I fell in love with these two leggings. They have high elasticity, are perfect for sports and even have side pockets for you to store your cell phone, money, keys, etc;

I’m already making my choices to buy, because I need to model my body, along with the exercises I’m doing. I’m sure that I will have a great result. And of course, to use with other clothes it will also give a much more beautiful and elegant appearance.

Soon I will go back to the gym, and using these straps will help me a lot to get faster in my goal.
I hope you enjoyed the post, and if you have any questions, just ask me.

Fashion sweaters at Holapick

Whether in winter or on cooler days, the sweater is an indispensable piece, because, in addition to heating up, it is classic and full of charm. There are several types of jackets that can be classified as a sweater, either varying in style or fabric. Knitted, crocheted or wool, they are long-sleeved and serve to protect you from the cold. Do you know the Holapick store? There you can find the best trends, and the site has a super promotion on sweaters.

The styles of womens fashion sweaters can vary from open with buttons, to closed and with different collars. The open sweater is ideal for not-so-cold days and can be worn with a skirt and dress. A great tip is to use a belt on top to help define the silhouette. The closed models may vary according to the type of collar. The V-neck is the most classic, but there are also sweaters with bald collar and high collar, in the shape of a jacket and the famous pullovers.

Because it has such a variety of models, the sweater combines with all styles and with any type of clothing. Tighter, V-neck versions look great with shirts. The broader and high-necked ones are elegant when worn alone and with pants more glued to the body.

The sweater is versatile and can be worn by any woman, regardless of body type. Women who have broad shoulders should prefer those with low necklines. Those with predominant hips can choose longer models that well disguise the region with volume.

For those who want to highlight the upper part of the body, a tip is to choose a sweater with a high collar and larger wefts. And women who want to disguise fat should run away from the most just. However, with so many types of sweater it is easy to combine and choose one that fits your body. As you can see, I separated some models of tops online, it is very worthwhile to browse the store.

I hope you enjoyed the post. What’s your favorite piece?

The best of AllAboutSuit

Need inspiration for wedding suits? Whenever we think of a wedding we immediately focus on the bride. We want to know what the 2021 wedding dress will look like, what flowers will be chosen for the wedding bouquet… but what about the groom’s suit? The model of the chosen costume must also be impeccable for that important day. You know the store allaboutsuit ? is it a store that you will find suits for all important occasions.

Which suit is perfect for wedding?
Few people know, but there are a variety of cuts, colors and fabrics to dress flawlessly, but you have to take into account your role in the ceremony and many other variables.

The wedding suits that is perfect for one groom can be terrible for another, so you need to take into account both the groom’s personal characteristics, as well as the physical, and contextual, such as the style and timing of the wedding. In addition, an important point is to look for cuts that favor the biotype and fabrics that guarantee a great fit and comfort.

Like the bride, it is important that the groom’s wedding suit enhances his happiness and self-esteem, so ideally, the groom should feel beautiful and confident when looking in the mirror. If that doesn’t happen, an excellent fabric and a perfect cut and fit will do.
Look at some examples of suits below:

The groomsmen are part of the context of the ceremony and the ideal is to dress them in groomsmen suit in harmony with the groom. Have you ever imagined a bridegroom with a super stripped costume and groomsmen in formalwear? It’s not cool, is it?
So that this doesn’t happen, check with the couple, ask if they thought of a specific suit for the best man, what is the style of the ceremony and how the groom will dress.

I have a surprise for you: New visitor will get 20USD discount with code: ”new”, so, take the time to choose your suit.