How to Choose Wholesale Shapewear?

Modeling belts are increasingly popular, many people have used them after surgeries in the abdomen area, or even in their bodybuilding workouts. Those who follow me know that I’ve been going to the gym for more than a year to do exercises, and one of my main goals is to slim my waist and make my belly more flat, so the belt is a good option, and I’ve researched several models to finally buy one for me.

I have been researching the Wholesale Shapeshe store, as it is a place where high quality products are manufactured, it is a company that I trust, and in addition, the prices are very good, it is very worth buying on the site.

In today’s post I will show you some wholesale waist trainers with logo that you can find in the store, which will be perfect for your day to day, leaving you slim and comfortable.

Wholesale Black Plus Size Front Zipper Double Layer Waist Cincher

This model above is very traditional, black with zipper and inside it has 3 adjustable hooks, it easily adapts to the woman’s body without leaving marks on the clothes. The prices in the store, as I said, are already cheap, but this shaping belt is 12% off, so take advantage.

With this shaping belt, your body will have that perfect hourglass shape, being a seamless product, leaving a smooth appearance. It is very resistant and firm, so that your curves are more accentuated.

Wholesale Waist Trainer Abdominal Binder Latex Tummy Wrap Compression

This is another very popular model, like a corset, made of latex and polyester, which makes the product elastic, very resistant and durable. It also has elastic pockets that you can put your cell phone, card, money, key, everything to make your trip to the gym easier. With exercise and a good diet, in about 7 weeks your measurements can decrease by 6 to 8 centimeters.

Wholesale Rose Red Front Zipper 7 Steel Bones Neoprene Vest for Postpartum Recovery

This shaping belt is also very interesting, you can see that it leaves the breasts loose, but with strong straps and shapes the waist firmly. It is made entirely of neoprene, which helps in increasing body temperature during training, and improves blood circulation, thus bringing results much faster. It is extremely strong, tough and durable.

In addition to the shaping belts, we also find the full bodysuit shaper, which are perfect to wear with dresses, pants, shorts, among others, so you can wear that wonderful look, in a special event, without marking or leaving any volume on the clothes.

Wholesale Black Plus Size Low-Back Thong Body Shaper

This bodysuit above is one of my favorites, precisely because of its deep neckline, which enhances the breasts, giving the impression that you are not wearing anything. It gives a sexier look, and leaves the waist with more beautiful curves.

The straps are thin and you can adjust or remove them, in addition to being able to use in a traditional or cross way. At the bottom, it has hook closures to make your trip to the bathroom easier. On the belly part, the fabric has a double layer to keep it in place.

Wholesale Skin Seamless Full Body Shaper Adjustable Straps Big Size Tummy Training

This bodysuit, in addition to being able to be used with looks, is also suitable for those who have had surgery on the abdomen and breasts, as it is padded and very comfortable, protects your body, keeping your curves in place, and also has the practicality of having a zipper closure, and at the bottom the hook closure to go to the bathroom with more comfort.

Make sure that this bodysuit wears very well, you can’t believe the price it costs, given such quality. In this model you can find it in the tone of the photo above and also in black, and it has different sizes, for all biotypes.

Have you already made up your mind which body shaper is best for you? If you have already chosen, maybe now you are in doubt about how to buy on the site. Despite being something easy, a lot of people ask me about how to buy on international sites, so don’t worry if this is one of your questions, because there are a lot of people who share the same.

First, you must register on the site, with your data and address, then choose the items you want to buy, and pay attention to the size. I always advise taking your measurements in centimeters before purchasing, so you can choose the right size based on those measurements.

After choosing the products, go to the cart so you can view them and check if everything is right, so that you can then complete the purchase. In this step you will enter your payment details, which can be your credit card, or if you prefer to pay by Paypal, you will be redirected to the site to make the payment. And of course, before making the payment, you will also be able to choose the shipping, and that is up to you.

After all this is done, just wait for the products to arrive at your house, depending on the shipping chosen, it can arrive very quickly, in up to a week. Well, that’s it, I hope you liked the tips, and if you still have any questions, just send me a message.

Some Best Nail Designs 2022: The Coolest Nail Ideas to Try

Every woman loves to have her nails done, and if they are decorated nails then even better! We know that when we go to the salon to have our nails done with a manicure, or even at home alone, we increase our high esteem. But tell me, are you on top of nail design trends in 2022?

Keeping up with fashion is very important and makes all the difference, but if you’re out of the loop, don’t worry, because in this article I’ve separated some nail designs to show you that in addition to being beautiful, they can be easy and you can do it yourself.

And I’m going ahead soon, this year we’re going to see a lot of shine on the nails, rhinestones, gradient, neon, lines, designs, single daughter nails, metallic, and many colors.

gradient nails

You’ve probably already wanted to do the gradient effect on your nail, it came back with everything in 2022, and it’s being asked a lot in manicures. If you want to do it at home, there’s not much mystery, the tip is to take a little piece of sponge, paint it in the two colors or more you want to use, and then tap your nails several times so that the colors mix and form the effect gradient.

nails with stones

The gemstones are super trendy too and I particularly love them! This nail design I would recommend for you to put on that special event, such as a gala, a wedding, a 15th birthday party for example, it will look like you have jewelry on your nails.

To do it yourself is very simple, after passing the enamel underneath that you want, to glue the stones use the base colorless enamel, put small drops where you want to place the stones, and then just glue each one. The result is incredible, and very daring.

vibrantly colored nails

Vibrant colors are also not left out, even more so by painting each nail a color! Gives an effect of a lot of personality and boldness! The nail design in the photo above requires a little more skill, ideally you ask your manicurist, but if you think you can do it yourself, it’s important to have a very thin brush, the ones that manicurists usually use. First paint the entire nail in the lightest color, let it dry, and then take the thin brush for more precision and apply the darkest color on top, as in the photo.

nails with lines

This is one of my favorite trends, nails with random stripes, with fluidity. I think it’s beautiful and it looks very stylish. You can bet on the colors, you can use just one, or several different colors, passing through one another.

If you don’t want to do it with a manicure and are going to try to do it at home, this is another design that will also require the use of a very thin brush to make the lines. At first you may notice a little difficulty, but if you start to train, you will soon have a lot more mastery to make the lines.

Also, if you don’t want to do it on all your nails, the tip is to bet on the only daughter, it’s pretty cool and a little more discreet, in which case bet on more vibrant colors to give it a bigger highlight.

This nail design, in my opinion, is perfect in almond-shaped nail shapes, because it is more round at the tip and at the same time is longer, it combines very well with the lines, giving a fluidity, charm and joviality to the nails.

each nail a color

Another option of the gradient is you do it from one nail to another. Choose 5 shades of the same color, starting from the darkest to the lightest, and paint each nail in the shade that is closest to the last one, this way you will get a beautiful gradient.

I’m in love with the one in the photo above and I already want to do it. These days I made it with pink, and it was very cute! It’s super easy to make and you can do it yourself without any problem.

And don’t forget to bet on metallic nail polishes too, there was a phase in my life when I was addicted to this type of nail polish, I bought several colors. Metallic nail polishes impart strength and power to the nail design, it is more daring and shows that you have personality. In addition to metallics, we also have the boldness of neon nail polishes, this one is for those women who love fun and are cheerful by nature.

There are so many different nail design options that we are in doubt which one to choose, it is also worth asking your manicurist’s opinion, as she is always on top of trends and will know which nail design to recommend you, according to her personality.

The coolest thing is that you can play with the colors and make various nail designs with your face. Try to do it at home too, on the internet we find numerous options and there’s even a tutorial to help us.

I really hope you enjoyed the tips, and let us know in the comments which nail design trend you liked the most?

How to Find the Right Shapewear for Your Body Type

Finding the ideal shaping belt for your body is not always so simple, so it is important that we know our body and its shape, so that the task of finding the perfect shaping belt becomes easier.

And the best place for you to find the best shapers for your body without a doubt is at the Wholesale Shapeshe online store, which for those who don’t know, it manufactures and supplies gym clothes and female and male body shapers to all over the world. It was created in 2017 and since then has been gaining more space in the market.

The company has become a major wholesale shapewear supplier, as its products have high technology and quality, all very well thought out so that its customers are satisfied with the results obtained when using the clothes and body shapers.

Wholesale Shapeshe for having a high quality with a small price, has become one of the biggest manufacturers and supplier of gym clothes and body shapers in the world, even more for having this facility at the time of purchase.

But the question that doesn’t want to shut up, do you know the right body shaper for your body type? First let’s see some models that we can find at Wholesale Shapeshe.

Wholesale Seamless One-Piece Short-Sleeved Thong Bodysuit

In the store you can find several types of swimsuits or bodysuits if that’s what you prefer to call them. It has a thin strap, with long sleeves, short sleeves, with a more open neckline, more closed neckline, in addition to having a huge variety of colors, but usually people prefer to buy the tones closest to their skin.

The swimsuit to shape the body is ideal to be put on with some types of clothes, such as dresses and pants for example, and of course it is very comfortable. It is a great choice for those who want to give the impression of a thinner waist and want to leave their thighs freer, leaving them with the famous guitar shape.

Wholesale Deep Nude High Waist Tummy Control Butt Lifter Shorts With Front Zipper

Another option is these sets, where the top is used even for those who have silicone, as it holds the breasts in place and still leaves them protected, and the bottom is a short that in addition to supporting the butt, also makes it more prancing. These pieces make the contour of the body more evident and beautiful.

You can see the delicacy of this model above, with lace that gives it an extra femininity and the finishes are very well done. You can tell just by the photo how they are of great quality, you can’t believe how they can be so cheap.

Wholesale Zipper Sports Shockproof Bra Crop With Four steel Boning

This is another top that is great to wear after breast implant surgery. It is very comfortable and has a zipper, something that brings more practicality when wearing it. Its material is very resistant, and has wide straps that help support the breasts. Inside it’s all latex, and outside it’s nylon and spandex. Another positive point is that it helps a lot with posture, preventing you from getting a hunchback.

Wholesale Orange Body Shaper Overlap Gusset Solid Color

The overalls are also great for those who want comfort, in addition to leaving a greater part of the body in place, as it helps to support the breasts, making the neckline more beautiful, thins the waist, makes the butt more pert and gives the impression of more toned thighs.

The one in the photo above has a beautiful color, in case you don’t want the traditional nude, that is, the tone closest to your skin. At the bottom it has an overlay to help you when going to the bathroom. And it can also be used with different types of clothes, such as dresses, pants, skirts, among others. The straps are adjustable to give you more comfort and fit your body perfectly.

It’s good to remember that you don’t have to worry about the size, because in the store you can find pieces for all body types, the tip is to take your measurements in centimeters first so you don’t have a mistake.

And last, but not least, we also have the wholesale waist trainers with logo, which help you during your weight training to slim your waist and improve your posture. They are very resistant, and have practical and comfortable zippers.

Wholesale Black Latex Waist Trainer Double Belt Breast Support Waist Trimmer Belt Waist Wrap

The one in the photo is amazing! It has sizes from XS to 6XL, it is made of cotton, elastane and latex, which makes it much more resistant to be used on a daily basis. As you can see, it has two belts to hold the waist shaping well.

Hey, do you already know which body modeler is ideal for your body? Leave it in the comments so I know!

What are the fashion trends for this Winter 2022?

The Fashion week showed us that next winter is full of trends that will delight our hearts, and I came to talk a little about some today. Take advantage and write down the trends that most have to do with your style, and that you will undoubtedly wear in winter 2022.


One of the coolest trends that makes us go back a little bit and feel that nostalgia is Y2K Fashion, which is nothing but the fashion of the late 90’s catching the early 2000’s. era?

There was a lot of low waist, mini skirts, cropped tops, ankle boots, baguette bags, glitter, metallics, lots of accessories, jeans, different hairstyles and much more. You can get an idea from the photo above of the girls from the music group Destiny’s Child, where Queen Beyoncé came from.

So that’s it, the thing is to bet on low-waisted jeans, overlays, oversized coats, rhinestones, glitters, various accessories and keep that look of the girls in the movies we grew up watching.


Another winter 2022 trend for you to bet on is monochromatic looks, that is, one color only. It looks really cool, and depending on the pieces, it’s very elegant. Of course it depends on your style.

Bet on vibrant colors, there’s no way not to stand out using a monochromatic look, it undoubtedly represents a lot of personality, boldness and style. A tip is to use different textures of the same color, it gives a super valued look.

Ever heard of the Tweed trend? If you follow fashion shows, you know that Chanel loves to launch this style of sets in their collections, but nowadays many other names in the fashion industry are betting on this trend. The Tweed set has the wool fabric that is very soft and flexible, and is the perfect look to feel more powerful and elegant at the same time.

This winter 2022 you can bet without fear, not only on sets, but also on other types of pieces such as jackets, skirts, mini dresses, pants, coats and much more. Chanel, for example, in this last fashion week, dedicated almost its entire collection to Tweed, so you already know that it’s not to be left out!

One of the trends for winter 2022 that I like the most is tailoring. Some brands at the fashion week bet everything on suits, from the most sober colors to those with vibrant colors. Tailoring refers to Power, it is the perfect look for business women. You can use it for a work meeting or for that important event at night.

One of the highlights on the catwalk of this trend were the chalk stripe fabric models, which is very charming and elegant. In the past, in Europe they were seen as banker’s clothes, and with time they were left aside, but now they’re back with everything!

The puffer jacket is still on the rise in winter 2022, it is a piece that won the hearts of many people, especially famous ones, such as Bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner, among others. This piece is known for being a fluffy and voluminous coat, which makes you warm and stylish.

In addition to being super comfortable, you can wear them with monochromatic looks, and also in color blocking, you can assemble casual looks, and also more elegant. And of course, it’s a trend for all ages and styles.

The Wool dresses are also a great bet for winter 2022, and of course they could not be left out, as this type of fabric is perfect for colder seasons, as it is so warm and comfortable.

You can find shorter and longer models, and they make any look more elegant. You can bet on ankle boots as in the photo, but also on heeled sandals, which give a more chic touch. For those very cold days, you can put a scarf over it, it is perfect and very stylish.

And to finish, I also want to talk about the corsets, which is another bet of winter 2022. This is a piece that every woman should have, because it makes us sexier and more feminine, helping to make our curves more visible. In the past, this piece was used a lot, with time it was left a little aside, and nowadays it has returned with everything to the closet of fashionistas.

The corset is perfect for those who want to be tidy but without exaggeration, because it is an outfit with a lot of presence, which combines with many different styles, from the most daring, to the most discreet.

To make it look like winter, a tip is to wear your corset with a puffer jacket on top, and to look even more stylish, bet on cargo pants, which are also super trendy.

Now tell me, which of these trends will you join? I confess that I love them all, and I already want one piece of each in my closet!

What Is Wholesaleshapeshe Shapewear?

I believe that, like me, you must have already noticed that the search for perfect bodies has become increasingly common, both through surgeries and through the most natural and healthy means, which are, in this case, physical exercises.

Many people concerned about their physical shape look for wholesale shapewear, as this item helps to shape the body and put everything in place, and I can tell you that the Wholesale Shapeshe store is the ideal place for you to buy this type of product.

In this store you will find a wide variety of items that help to make your body more shaped, with everything in place, and if you go to the gym and practice physical exercises such as weight training for example, there are items that will be great in this process, because doing weight training while using the shaping belt, for example, contributes a lot to the shaping you want so much.

I have separated some items to show you, and notice the prices as they are great, even more because they are quality products, with a super fair price, which are very worthwhile, like the one in the image below for example, which is ideal to be used with dresses. It’s super comfortable and doesn’t mark, that is, no one will know you’re wearing it.

Wholesale Black Body Shaper Overlap Gusset Solid Color

In addition to the black color, the website has several other shades, and you can rest assured, because they have them for all sizes, from XS to 5XL, so no one will be left out, and you will be able to buy your piece with peace of mind, without being afraid of not fitting. when you get to your house.

Of course, the store also has waist trainer wholesale, which are perfect for everyday wear and help to slim your waist. People who have undergone surgeries in the abdomen region usually use a lot to help with a satisfactory result.

Wholesale Waist Trainer Latex Waist Trimmer With Belt Breast Support Body Shaper

In addition to using after aesthetic procedures, the modeling belt is also used in bodybuilding training, since at the same time the exercise is done, the waist is being modeled.

All the detailed specifications can be found on the product page, and if you take your time to read it, you will see the size of the quality these belts have, you can’t believe how cheap they can be.

In the store there are several types of straps, in addition to different colors, that is, there is for all tastes and needs. It is very important when buying that you keep in mind what will be the best type of brace that will suit you the way you need.

The pink belt in the image below, for example, unlike the first one above, has two belts to hold the waist in place, and it is made of neoprene, a fabric that has high pressure and thermal protection, with great flexibility, elasticity and durability.

Wholesale Rose Red Neoprene Waist Cincher Double Belts

On the site we also have the wholesale body shaper, which is another option for you to shape your body. And for being used with different types of clothes, such as dresses, blouses and shorts, skirts or pants.

Some models like the one below, for example, leave a beautiful cleavage on display, and tidy breasts, in place, without the need to wear a bra. It has a hook closure at the bottom, which makes going to the bathroom a lot easier. The straps are adjustable, and if you prefer, you can remove them, or even use them crosswise.

Wholesale Nude Plunge Low-Back Thong Shapewear Bodysuit

A tip when buying is to have your measurements in centimeters at hand, so that you buy the correct size of the piece, and don’t run the risk of getting the wrong size. This information is all on the product page, along with reviews from people who have already purchased.

Shipping is also usually very fast, and can be up to 48 hours after payment confirmation, taking 3 to 5 days to arrive at your home. To better understand how it works, read about the types of shipping the store offers.

Another point that I found very interesting is that on the products page we also find a video of the model using a certain piece, and making the movements, to get a sense of how we can use the product in the best way. For you to understand how the store is complete, reliable and with quality products.

I’m already crazy to buy modeling belts and use in my workouts. I often see some women using it at my gym and I see how much it helps to shape the waist faster. You can be sure I already have some in my cart to close the purchase.

But tell me, do you usually use this type of product? If so, let me know in the comments, I want to know your opinion!

The best silicone rubber products at New Top Rubber!

Hi darlings, whats up?
For those who follow me on social media, it will be a year since I moved, and in that time, shopping for objects and utensils for the unfinished house, apart from furniture and other big things. And speaking of rubber, I really like to buy those made of silicone, in addition to a great cost.

With that in mind, found a leading company in the production of custom silicone products, with more than 12 years of experience in the market, New Top Rubber Solutions manufactures LSR and LSR multi-shot, in addition, they also manufacture kitchen utensils, items for teethers for, for example, application products, toys for animals, among other children

I’ve separated some products with silicone rubber to show you, like these jars with divisions for you to store your food and take it to work for example. They are very versatile and relaxed because they are colorful.

In addition, they have 100% ecological silicone raw material, which already contributes a lot to the preservation of the environment. The material is very resistant, and can be taken to the microwave, oven and refrigerator. It’s also super easy to clean and leak proof.

Another item that I found super interesting is the candle molds, for those who make them at home to sell, it’s a great alternative. I, for example, have a candle with this mold, and it’s super hot!

Children are not left out of this either! There are several products for children’s use, and like these teethers in the shape of a rabbit, it’s the cutest thing, and it still contributes to your baby’s imagination.

The silicone is very resistant, of premium quality, but at the same time flexible and soft. The ears are perfect for putting in your mouth, and they’re also super easy to clean. It has several colors available. And if you want to customize, it can be done at the time of request.

Tell me, are you also a fan of products with silicone rubber? In my opinion it’s really worth it!