The best shapewear at Durafits

Hi my loves, all right?
For those who follow me on my social networks, you know I’m focused on the gym. and it’s been really good for me, i’ve been doing weight training, dancing classes, and sit-ups, and i’ve been able to notice the difference in my body. But I have seen some famous ones with incredible bodies that besides going to the gym, also use styling belts, and this helps a lot in the result. That’s why I searched the internet and found the Durafits store, which is an e-commerce where it sells modeling straps, shorts to lift your butt, among others, you need to know.

I separated some models to show you, and a piece that I found super interesting was the butt lifter shorts, in addition to modeling your body, it also lifts your butt. Perfect for going to the gym, or wearing that amazing dress for that special moment. And these shorts can be purchased with straps or strapless. It is a perfect item for your daily life, which will help you a lot in having a shaped body.

As you can see it attaches to the bra too, giving it much more security and comfort. You can choose in neutral tones, flesh color or black if you prefer, and there are several different models, with or without zyper, with lace for a more delicate touch. It has something for everyone!

On this site you can find the best body shapewear, like those in the photo, these straps make you feel at your best day. The fabric is similar to silk, so they’re super soft and comfortable, and you’ll feel extremely elegant and sexy with Durafits, as well as feeling fit. And the coolest thing is that you can use it in any everyday occasion, both for events, parties, gym, and at home, always in a very comfortable way.

Remembering that you have all possible sizes, and my tip is to take your measurements in centimeters, as it is much easier to choose the right size. Blast girls! I’m already going to choose mine to buy too.

Your Big Moment with All About Suit

Hi guys, how are you?
Even with the stage we are living in the world, the celebrations do not stop, and today this post is especially for men who are looking for a nice suit for that great moment in their lives.

With that in mind, the right place for you to find the perfect suit is at the all about suit. There you will find suits for all occasions, for example, weddings, graduations, cocktails, among others.

Look how amazing this dark blue prom suit, a super elegant, ideal for your graduation! It comes with 2 pieces, the toothpick and the pants, as you can see, it has a black lapel and a button. And the cool thing is that you can choose the size of each piece individually, so there’s no danger of the size getting wrong.

Just like that burgundy suit in the image below, it’s not far behind. Very stylish and full of charm.

Now, is it wedding suits you looking for? You find models more beautiful than the other. Take a look at this one below for example: It has this very beautiful relief, and has the lapel and pocket details in gold, super chic, for your wedding.

This suit is perfect for a country wedding, with more neutral tones, linen, and with three pieces: toothpick, vest and pants. And this black is for the more traditional ones who at the same time don’t want to be just basic.

I have great news! For new visitors, use the code: “new” , to get 20 dollars off!!!
Hope you liked it, and tell me what your favorite suit was?

Sets for your whole family at Popopie!

Hi loves, how are you?
I know that here on my blog there are many moms who accompany me, and I know how much you love to know stores that sell beautiful and quality clothes for your children. Browsing the internet I found a store that caught my attention, it’s a Popopieshop, do you know?

There you will find matching family clothes, baby and children’s clothes, shoes, accessories and much more. And everything of the best quality, exclusive and unique for its customers.

I’ve seen a lot of my mommy friend looking for outfits for the whole family, and we know how difficult it is to find. In this store you can find everything, and within the trends of the season. I’ve separated some to show you:

I’m dying of love for this set for the whole family. The print is black and white horizontal stripes, and for a greater charm it has the heart, to symbolize all the love of the family. And the price is great too. It is well worth a visit to the store. Oh, and of course there are different sizes so there’s no danger of getting the wrong size, so watch out.

In the store are lots of cute toddler outfits, and you’ll be drooling, I can prove it! Look at this flowery dress if it’s the most beautiful thing! You even want to have a daughter just to put on these little clothes, games aside. Remembering that this dress has a super promotion, so run! And he has countless sizes ranging from 18 months to 7 years, that’s right!

Now look, it’s these pants with a tulle skirt, and on top with little wings on the back, it’s for a real angel, isn’t it? This one I would definitely buy if I had a daughter. Another important thing for you to know is that the shipping is free worldwide for purchases over 79 dollars, so it’s really worth it. Oh and if you have any problems, you can exchange the part within 30 days.

This set above is for moms who already want to leave their daughters as little girls, and I thought it was super cute too. It’s pretty trending, as you can see!

But that’s it, I hope you enjoyed the post, and pay a visit to the store!

The best prices are at Wholesale7

Hi loves how are you? Who here is addicted to online shopping and loves to visit stores at rock bottom prices? It’s the best thing, isn’t it? Browsing the internet, I found the store, you know? There you will find clothes, accessories, shoes and beachwear, all in one place.

Whenever I can, I look for cheap clothing stores because we know that everything is much more expensive in our country, and having the opportunity to buy stylish clothes at much lower prices helps us a lot.

I’m passionate about prices, there’s a section where everything costs R$5 at most, lots of clothes, bags, accessories, for up to that amount. Look at this blouse in the photo below, super stylish and very trendy. For those who don’t know, this opening in the neckline is super high.

Now look at this bag, do you believe it costs only R$2.66? I am losing my mind! I’ve been looking for a very stylish transparent bag for a while, and this one is perfect, I think it will be my next purchase.

As we know, we are in the country of beaches, and at least most Brazilians are always attending, even in times of pandemic. You need to see the sexy bikini set they have in the store, each one prettier than the last. I’m already choosing which sets to buy for next summer. Are you also one of those who like to replenish your bikini stock every summer?

This model below is without a doubt one of my favorites, because it reminds me a lot of Kardashian’s. This tie at the waist is super high, and I’m really looking for a model like this to buy. And I don’t know if you noticed, but brown is a trend, I’ve seen a lot in the it girls’ looks. But of course the store has several other color options to choose from.

To buy in the store is super easy, if you are already used to shopping online, you will take it literally. Just make your registration, fill in your address, choose your pieces, enter your card details and complete the purchase. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me and I would be happy to help you. So don’t waste time, as the site is full of promotions, and on your first purchase you can get 15% off. So enjoy!

Your marriage to AWbridal!

Is there anyone out there getting married this year? I know that since last year things have changed a lot, weddings have been rescheduled, or even cancelled, there are also those that from large parties have been transformed into small meetings.

This year we are hopeful that things will soon get better, and big weddings are slowly coming back. With that the search for the beautiful wedding dresses too. Do you know the AWbridal store? It is a store specializing in everything for wedding dresses. There are the wedding dresses, there are the bridesmaids, the mother of the bride, but in addition to the dresses, there are also accessories for the ceremony.

It’s a very complete store, I’m sure you’ll love it! I have set aside some dresses to show, and prove that you will find Cheap AW Bridal Wedding Dresses here for that special day.

Look how beautiful this dress is, without a doubt it is one of my favorites! It has no sleeves, and it’s all lacy in a very delicate and feminine way. The back is longer as usual for the bride to come dragging down the aisle to the altar. And the best part, it’s on sale, with a 30% discount. So enjoy!

This one is also beautiful, with a half sleeve, and with a more elegant look, for a bride with great taste. He values ​​the woman’s silhouette very much. Perfect for a country wedding (my dream). And it is also on sale with 20% off.

The AW Bridal Bridal Robes are also beautiful and delicate. It comes in different colors, styles and is super comfortable. Look how perfect it is for the bride! I am delighted! And they can be carefree, which has several size options.

And of course you’ll also find Top AW Bridal’s bridesmaid dresses, and one prettier than the other. You choose the model you want and then choose the color. It has lots of colors for your taste. I fell in love with this one in the photo. Super feminine and delicate, with spaghetti straps and this fabric that fell on the arm gave it an extra charm. The slit gave a touch of sensuality without regret, and I love it!

Pay a visit to the site and let me know what you think. I’m sure you will love it!