The most stylish coats at BerryLook

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In today’s post I want to recommend a store for you, which I already mentioned here a few months ago, and I love it for being a complete store, where you can find clothes of all styles, men’s clothes, accessories, shoes, swimwear and a lot more. No doubt you will find trends. And the store I’m referring to is BerryLook, whoever follows the blog will surely have heard of it.

I’m a fan of this store because it’s great to find women clothing online because it has everything you need in one place. And here’s a tip, take advantage of this time to buy your winter coats, the store is full of promotions, with coats up to half the price, and one is prettier than the other. Look at the models I’ve separated below:

Look how beautiful these women’s long winter coats are in caramel color, with a fur collar, and waistband, making it much more feminine. He is very charming, and makes any look super elegant. For those who want to know, there are other colors too, such as red, black, blue, etc; the price is amazing too, with 30% off.

This off white coat is definitely my favourite, I’m craving it! And believe me, it’s 50% off, the price is wonderful, very cheap! You will hardly find a beautiful coat with this quality and at this price in our country, that’s why I love taking advantage of these promotions. This coat is to make you look rich.

This blue is already more casual, it also has a fur collar to give it a charm, but with this coat you can compose a more relaxed look. It’s made of cotton, and has any body sizes you can imagine. Just pay attention to the measurements in centimeters when choosing your piece, so there is no danger of the piece arriving with the wrong size.

I already have my wishlist ready for the parts I want to buy at BerryLook, and I highly recommend you visit the store to see how much cool stuff is in the store. For those who have doubts, it is necessary to have an international credit card for you to pay for your purchase. And it’s very simple to buy at the store, you just have to enter your data, such as your address for example, then choose the shipping and payment method, everything is very simple. But of course, if you need any help with your shopping, just ask me, and I’ll help you with the greatest of pleasure.

Tactical T-shirts at Wayrates!

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I hope they attract great ones!!! The end of the year is coming and with that, we started to think about the gifts that we have to buy. And the best part is that there are such great deals as Black Friday for example, to help us buy gifts for everyone, and not miss anyone.

A few months ago I talked about Wayrates here with you, which for those who haven’t seen it, is an online store for tactical clothing, and there are a lot of stylish clothes in this mood, anyone would love to get it as a gift. This store is for those people who love adventure, and like to go outdoors.

Now let me ask you, do you already know what you are going to give your boyfriend for Christmas? Or your husband, brother, father, grandfather or even a friend? At Wayrates you find it! I fell in love with the men’s vintage shirts, they are very stylish and different, each one is more beautiful than the other. I even set some aside to show you.

This retro shirt is casual and looks great on the body. Rest assured, as the site has several different sizes. Another super cool thing is that the store has a progressive discount, that is, the more you buy, the more discount you get.

This long-sleeved blouse is one of my favorites because it has a hood, something that gives a lot of charm to the look! It’s in black and brown, and it’s super comfortable! It would be super right to put together a night out look.
The blouse below has the flag of the nations and is very beautiful too. I especially love white t-shirts. These clothes are for those who have good taste and style.

In my opinion it’s really worth visiting the store and choosing your purchases, take advantage of the fact that the store is at the time of black friday and full of promotions. And to buy is super easy! All you have to do is register at the store, after choosing your items, you complete the purchase, enter your address, and payment is made by Paypal, so it is important to have an international card. With Paypal you enter your card details and that’s it, now you just have to wait for your order to arrive at your house.

If you have any questions, I’ll be here to help you. I hope you enjoyed the tip.

The best dresses to be the best bridesmaid at Mychicdress

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This end of the year there are many weddings, and every now and then we receive an invitation to be a bridesmaid, right? If you have a friend who is going to get married, and you have received this beautiful invitation, then you need to visit the Mychicdress store. In this online store you will find everything you need for this very special occasion!

You find Cheap Bridesmaid dresses, that’s all we want!! Beautiful dresses, with cheaper prices! There’s a lot of promotion on the site, and it’s really worth taking a look. I fell in love with several models, and I’m going to show you some, who won my heart.

This nude model is one of the most beautiful, and I found it very innovative, as I haven’t seen bridesmaids wearing this shade of dress! I think it would be something different to bet on this color, not to mention that it is super chic and stylish. In addition to having several sizes for different bodies, you can also customize the size of your dress, to be made to measure for you, and make no mistake about the wrong size arriving at your house.

The Blue Bridesmaid Dresses are also beautiful, actually in the store there are many shades of blue, but I chose to show you this softer shade, which I found very youthful, and elegant. Blue is one of my favorite colors, and I believe a lot of people do too, as many brides choose this shade for their bridesmaids’ dresses. This model in the photo has a very fluid fit, and has spaghetti straps, ideal for hot days.

The Green Bridesmaid Dresses could not be missing here, as it is a very requested shade as well. This model in the photo for example is totally chic and elegant. It shapes the body, leaving it much more beautiful and with visible curves. Without a doubt it is one of the most beautiful!

For those who want to know, at the time of purchase it is important to have an international credit card, and you can pay using Paypal. And it’s all very simple and easy! Make your registration at the store, choose your pieces, and then just complete your purchase in the cart, entering your payment details, and choosing the address and shipping. But in case you have any questions, just ask me and I’ll help you.

I hope you enjoyed the tip!

The most stylish shoes at Safetyalls

Hi my loves, all right?
I love talking about fashion in general, not just about clothes, but I also like talking about shoes, and this time I came up with something new for my male audience. Do you know Safetyalls? It is an online store for men’s shoes. Each shoe has one more beautiful than the other, and for all styles and occasions.

The store ships worldwide, and shipping is very fast! You also don’t have to worry about finding your size, as there are tons of different sizes available, for everyone! Another tip that I always like to mention is that when you shop at online stores, always take your measurements in centimeters, that is, check the store’s measurement table to see what size is the size in centimeters of your foot.

The model below is one of the best sellers on the site, Black Friday Safety Boots for Men, and it really is beautiful and super stylish. Its design is also very comfortable, and you can use it for walking, going to work, and of course for an appointment like a walk for example.

The store is also full of news, such as Comfortable Work Shoes on Cyber Monday, which are ideal for those long days when you will buy many compasses, and works. This one below is without a doubt one of my favorites, I loved this model.

This red model won my heart, and it is not only suitable for working and tiring days, but would also be perfect in a look for going out at night, a ballad for example. And they are all very comfortable.

To shop at Safetyalls is super easy, just make your registration, choose the items you want to buy and then go to the shopping cart and finish. Enter your card details, choose the shipping and that’s it, soon it will arrive at your house.

I hope you liked the tip, and don’t miss the site.

He More Elegant With SOINYOU

Hi loves, how are you?
Today the post is for the boys who follow my blog, and for you women who love to see your boyfriends, husbands, friends, brothers, stylish!!! Do you know Soinyou? It is an online store with men’s clothing, very elegant and sophisticated, for men of good taste and vain, who like to have a difference in their look.

This store is very Young Fashion Clothing, with exclusive clothes that you will only find there. I even pulled out some of my favorite pieces to show you guys. Look that:

This Italian mafia-style polo shirt won my heart. I even wanted to have a boyfriend just to give this shirt to him. lol. I already really like the style of Italian men, I think they are the most stylish in the world, and the most vain ones too. I thought the price was great and it has different sizes so there is no danger of not finding the ideal size. A tip I like to give is to always have the person’s measurements in centimeters at hand, and look at the store’s measurement table. That way there’s no danger of buying the wrong size.

Now look at this denim jumpsuit, how wonderful! This piece is for men who are not afraid to dare and innovate. It looks amazing with a basic shirt underneath, if it’s with a sleeve it’s even better. And on the feet I think a sneaker is super stylish, what do you think?

For your man to be even more elegant, the store also has mens slim fit suit pants, which makes the look with a much more sophisticated air. And the prices are incredible, especially for being a high-end piece. I recommend that he wear these pants with a dress shirt, it will be perfect for parties, special occasions, or even a walk or dinner.

That’s it, I hope you liked the tip, and don’t miss out on visiting the store. You will love it!

Clothing for the whole family at Popopieshop!

Hi my loves, all right?
The end of the year is coming, that is, Christmas too, and we have already started shopping for the long-awaited Christmas parties. Nowadays, the demand for sets for the whole family has increased a lot, and Popopieshop is the best store for you to find it all.

They sell different sizes, both children’s clothing and mom and dad’s clothes. On the size guide page you can see sizes measured in centimeters, it’s much easier to choose the right size. I do this in every online store I buy.

The store has an amazing collection of sets of family matching outfits for Christmas, each thing prettier than the next, and I’ve put some together to show you.

This set is perfect for sleeping on Christmas Eve, all red with the classic plaid pants, and super comfortable. It’s the cutest thing!

This is a set of red plaid shirts, and I thought it was super beautiful and end-of-the-year party. And in case you want to know, the store also exchanges within 30 days. It’s great, isn’t it? And payment is 100% secure.

And Black Friday mommy and me outfits has already started on the site, so you’ll find lots of great deals. They are clothes of great quality and good taste, at prices that fit in our pocket.

This mother-daughter dress above set was without a doubt one of my favorites. Perfect for Christmas dinner, what do you think? It’s very delicate, youthful, and feminine, you and your little daughter are sure to look stunning. Remember that for purchases over $79 shipping is free, and as it is a store outside the country, the delivery period can take up to 20 working days, depending on the type of shipping you choose.

The children’s clothing section is all on sale, and each piece is super exclusive and different, of great quality, with incredible prices. At these times you even want to be a mother, just to buy these clothes, lol.
Jokes aside, I’m in love with Popopieshop clothes, I’ll definitely choose some pieces to buy for my goddaughter.

To buy at the store is super easy, just have an international credit card, choose your parts, always paying attention to the table of measurements so you don’t have errors, put everything in the cart, and when you finish the purchase, just fill in your details , with address and card details and that’s it, just wait for your purchase to arrive at your house.

I hope you enjoyed the tip.