Minha SkinCare Coreana by YesStyle!

Oi amores! Tudo bem? Como muitos de vocês sabem, eu sou apaixonada em SkinCare, amo cuidar da pele, ter aquele momento relaxante é uma terapia. E ultimamente tenho tido a oportunidade de conhecer produtos coreanos, e quem gosta desse assunto sabe que os coreanos arrasam nesse quesito!

Fiz um video mostrando alguns produtos incríveis que recebi da YesStyle.com e para quem quiser comprar na loja com desconto e só usar meu código: LUANAS05

Amazing shoes on Shoessee!

Hi my loves, all right?
What woman is not in love with shoes? I particularly love it, and whenever she gives, I get a new pair. With that in mind, I’m here today to introduce you to a store. Have you ever heard of ShoesSee? It’s an online store founded in 2014, and in it you can find the most diverse styles of shoes, all of great quality and a great price.

Lately I’ve been looking for stylish fashion shoes for women, and I’ve been falling in love with the models I found on Shoessee. They are very authentic and up-to-date models, which I am sure will make up looks of extreme good taste and personality.

Look how chic this black shoe, pointed toe, with small heel, super elegant for that more formal look, ideal for work or more tidy events. The website has all sizes of feet, and I advise you to have your feet measured in centimeters at the time of purchase, because on the product page there is a table of measurements to help you, it’s easier not to get the size wrong.

Look how I love this moccasin, I’m completely in love and I already want to buy it for me! It’s been a while since I’ve had a shoe like that, so I need one in my closet. I can already imagine myself with a pair of jeans, a white dress shirt and a sweater on top, it would be amazing, don’t you think?

This white shoe is also charming, navy style, I imagine myself on a boat trip with it. It has this detail on top, which is super feminine, with great taste! And it would look great with denim pants or shorts, dresses, skirts, that is, it goes well with almost anything!

This store is amazing, and I’m already putting together my wishlist of finds! The desire to buy everything!!! Remembering that for purchases over $79 shipping is free. Make your choices, complete the order and enter your details, it’s all very easy, and if you want any help, just let me know that I’m available.
That’s it my loves, don’t forget to visit the store, I’m sure you’ll love it!!!

Stylish T-shirts at Wayrates

Hi loves, how are you?

I was wondering if you guys ever bought a Father’s Day gift for your dad, or for your uncle, husband or even boyfriend? Because as tomorrow is the day, I was browsing the internet to get some gift idea. And soon I found an amazing website for tactical clothing, it even reminded me a little of the looks of those famous mobile games. Do you know Wayrates? It is a store that sells stylish, practical and comfortable clothes, ideal for outdoor activities, and also delivers to the whole world, in fact, it has a Portuguese version of the site for us Brazilians.

I thought their men’s T-shirts were really cool, they’re very stylish and fun, and I’m sure it would be a great gift. I have separated some models to show you.

The store works with all sizes of T-shirts and is having a progressive discount, that is, the more you buy, the more discount you will have. Get up to 90% off! And you can find all kinds of prints, that is, there is something for all tastes and styles. It has the logo of bands, brands in general, such as drinks for example.

This one by Pink Floyd for example was one of my favorites, I love their logo, and anyone who is a fan of the band can’t help but love it! The shirts are made of cotton and can be washed in the machine, always keep an eye on this information, for the life of your clothes.

This Texaco T-shirt, for example, has mesh material, and is super comfortable! She is also very stylish and can be used to put together several looks. With a pair of jeans or denim shorts it will look great. There are also other shades on the website if you want a different color!
One thing I found super interesting about the store is that the clothes are tested in all types of weather and environments, to make sure it will meet your needs, for a walk in the open air, and it could even be more extreme activities.

This one from Pica Pau “angry” I would use without a doubt, I thought it was super fun and cool! And their price is really worth it, especially being original and high quality products.
In addition to the T-Shirts, check out the other clothes as well, because I’m sure you’ll fall in love with all the style.

I hope you liked the tip and feel free to leave your comments.

The best shapewear at Durafits

Hi my loves, all right?
For those who follow me on my social networks, you know I’m focused on the gym. and it’s been really good for me, i’ve been doing weight training, dancing classes, and sit-ups, and i’ve been able to notice the difference in my body. But I have seen some famous ones with incredible bodies that besides going to the gym, also use styling belts, and this helps a lot in the result. That’s why I searched the internet and found the Durafits store, which is an e-commerce where it sells modeling straps, shorts to lift your butt, among others, you need to know.

I separated some models to show you, and a piece that I found super interesting was the butt lifter shorts, in addition to modeling your body, it also lifts your butt. Perfect for going to the gym, or wearing that amazing dress for that special moment. And these shorts can be purchased with straps or strapless. It is a perfect item for your daily life, which will help you a lot in having a shaped body.

As you can see it attaches to the bra too, giving it much more security and comfort. You can choose in neutral tones, flesh color or black if you prefer, and there are several different models, with or without zyper, with lace for a more delicate touch. It has something for everyone!

On this site you can find the best body shapewear, like those in the photo, these straps make you feel at your best day. The fabric is similar to silk, so they’re super soft and comfortable, and you’ll feel extremely elegant and sexy with Durafits, as well as feeling fit. And the coolest thing is that you can use it in any everyday occasion, both for events, parties, gym, and at home, always in a very comfortable way.

Remembering that you have all possible sizes, and my tip is to take your measurements in centimeters, as it is much easier to choose the right size. Blast girls! I’m already going to choose mine to buy too.