What are the Best wedding dresses trends for brides 2022-2024 ?

Are you engaged or do you have a friend who is and are looking for the perfect wedding dress? If so, this post is for you!! You know the My Chic Dress store, don’t you? I keep talking about her around here, precisely because I have a huge variety of gala dresses for special events, such as weddings, fifteen years, graduation, among others.

And of course we like to be on top of trends, what’s new on the market, and at My Chic Dress you’ll find all that and much more! I separated to show you some of the best wedding dresses that will be trending between 2022 and 2024, check it out:

We all know how expensive wedding dresses are, and every day the price goes up even more, but in this store the prices are much more affordable, you can find wonderful Cheap Wedding Dresses, even if you convert the dollar to real, still , for the quality that the dresses have, it is very worth it.

This model above is for the most daring brides, can you imagine getting married in black? Of course, they are for few, but you can still opt for this model of dress that is super differentiated with the cover, and choose another shade.

Now this model is worthy of a princess, it looks like a dream of so delicate, beautiful and elegant. It leaves the shoulders exposed, which gives a touch of sensuality but with a lot of delicacy. It’s satin, with a very fluid fabric and drape. I would particularly love to get married in a dress like that, it has a minimalist touch, don’t you think?

Now this dress is the same as the first one, only in red. I chose to show this shade because one of the trends for the next few years is this diversity of colors in the wedding dress. I know that most will not adhere, but believe it or not, many brides have chosen to leave the traditional white, and have taken risks in other shades.

This satin dress also follows the minimalist line, very elegant, sleeveless and with a V-neckline.

This dress is undoubtedly one of the most elegant, and even though it is a trend, it is a very traditional model, which has been used even by princesses at their weddings. It is made of muslin with a lace appliqué, long sleeves and a high collar. It’s ideal to get married at that coldest time of the year, and at night, because of its sleeves, so if you’re getting married there in the middle of the year, it’s time to order yours, don’t you think? Take advantage that he has a super promotion, for practically half the price, so run!

People enjoy, and visit the store to meet. It has dresses for different occasions, I’m sure you will like it. And the good thing is that it arrives for you in less than 1 month, it’s super fast.

I hope you enjoyed the post, and anything just leave a comment.

Top 5 Bridesmaid Dresses Cheap for your Wedding 2022

Hi loves, how are you?
Who ever had the opportunity and gift of being called to be a maid of honor at their friend’s wedding? I confess that I haven’t had that pleasure yet, but I still have high hopes. And for the lucky ones who were invited recently and are looking for a dress for that special moment, I came to bring you some options from a darling online store, My Chic Dress. If you follow the blog posts, you have surely seen me talking about this store.

In addition to being an online store with dresses and accessories for various special occasions, in which you need to wear a gala dress, you will find first-class quality and service, and normally in 20 days you will have your dress made to measure in your hands.

Check out some models below:

One of the best things about this store is the great prices, and you can buy Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses, one more beautiful than the other. Like those green ones above, which are satin, elastic, and with a huge slit, making the piece more sensual and elegant.

This model above is also super chic! In the photo you can see this white version, but as brides usually ask for a different color for the bridesmaids, you can change the color of the dress. It has a side slit, and that detail at the neckline, with its straps on one side only. Super bold and different!

For the more discreet bridesmaids, but who still insist on being elegant, this blue is the right choice. He has a mermaid tail that is super high, you can bet on this trend.

This is one of my favorites! Firstly because of the champagne color, which is something different and very delicate. The satin dress brings an air of sensuality and elegance. And this one still has the detail of being one-shoulder. So much perfection in one dress!

This one is for the boldest bridesmaids! It’s a one-shoulder, all-sequined off-the-shoulder gown for you to shine! Perfect for evening weddings. This one is rose gold, but you can choose other shades.

When you buy on the website, it is important that you have your measurements at hand, so that you can order your dress tailored, so you don’t make the mistake of buying the wrong size, but you can also order in a standard size. In the store there are several sizes, from the thinnest to the plus size sizes.

It is very easy to order, the site is very dynamic. If you’re wondering how delivery is made, I’ll answer you. First, when you place your order, the dress takes 10-15 days to make, but you can pay extra to order urgently, and delivery takes 3-5 days, super fast.

What are you waiting for to visit the store and buy your perfect dress?

Creme de Pentear Seda Jóias da Natureza

Oi amores! No video de hoje fiz a finalização no meu cabelo com o creme de pentear da Seda “Jóias da Natureza. Estava super afim de testar ele, e quando achei no mercado, não pensei suas vezes e comprei. Ele promete ser para todos os tipos de cabelo. Será que deu certo no meu cabelo cacheado? Dá o play para saber:

 Where to buy UK Prom Dresses 2022 Trends

Hi my loves, all right? It’s already March, and I know that many people who graduated in the second half of 2021 are going to have their graduation party this month, at least that’s how it was for me. When I graduated in 2013, the graduation party was in March of the following year, and by the way, one of the things, besides going through all of them, as is likely to be clear, that left me the most was the fact that I had to find the perfect dress for that special event.

Thinking about it, I came to show you a perfect store for this mission, do you know a My Chic Dress? It is an online store that sells dresses for all kinds of special fifteen years: wedding, fifteenth birthday party, graduation, bridesmaid, among others. Oh, and still seeing the accessories of course.

I have selected some of the most beautiful prom dresses 2022 I saw in the store, to inspire you, and who knows, find your dress for that special date.

Look how wonderful this dress, with white embroidery, and well-cinched, looking like a princess dress.

This model is at the same time elegant, but also bold, full of sequins, in white. It has a handle, with an open back, and ends with a tail, ideal for hot nights.

This lilac dress is extremely chic, with a beautiful lace detail in the back. It’s all embroidered, and with a flowing fabric, to feel like a fairy.

Now, this model to drool over, it’s so magnificent. It has tulle and a beaded belt, all embroidered. Remembering that even if you love a dress, but didn’t like the color, for example, you have the option to order in the color you want.

We like trends, don’t we? And lately the dress covers are super high! This burgundy color dress is a queen dress level! Imagine you at your graduation with this gem? It will be lovely!

For you who have doubts about international online shopping, you can rest assured that it’s super simple. It is important that you have an international credit card. Register and enter your details.

All dresses are made to order, even standard size models. Therefore, when buying your dress, have your measurements at hand, so that your dress is made to measure, and there is a danger of getting the wrong size. The production time is 10 to 15 days, and another 3 to 5 days for delivery, but there is also the possibility of ordering more urgently, paying an extra fee. Normally you get your dress within 20 days.

Well, that’s it my loves, I hope you liked the tip. Any questions, leave it in the comments.

The Perfect Shape at Waistdear

Hi loves, how are you? Who’s running after the perfect shape of 2022? I am for sure! I improved my diet, joined the gym, and I’m very focused. But a great tip to help thin our waist, are the Waistdear belts, have you heard of it?

The store has many different types of straps, for all tastes and bodies, so I’m sure you’ll find your favorite! I even separated some models to show you, to give you an idea of what you can find in the store, and thus make your search easier. Waistdear is one of the best waist trainer wholesale vendors you will find, and they have different sizes of straps, plus size too, so there is no danger of you finding your ideal size.

This model above fits perfectly on the breasts, and gives a lift. And the clasp is hook with 3 rows, which makes you can adjust better. Another point that I found super interesting is that it absorbs sweat, because we will agree that it is quite annoying when we put on a brace and get wet with sweat, it’s uncomfortable, isn’t it?

And if you notice, the prices are great, very cheap, because they are shapewear manufacturers, so the cost is lower, and it’s really worth buying. As you can see, this strap above is ideal for wearing with dresses, and it doesn’t crease. It’s super comfortable on the body.

This model above is one of my favorites, as it has a more hollow neckline perfect for clothes that ask for this type of neckline. The breasts get higher, and you look incredibly sexy and elegant.
You can choose the nude tone if you prefer, to stay the same color as your skin, it all depends on the color of the clothes you put on top.

I hope you liked the tip, and anything just ask me.