The best clothes to shape your body with Curvy Faja

Hi loves, how are you? If you are the type of woman who loves clothes that flatter your body curves, this is the perfect post for you. Today I came to tell you a little about the store, which is an online store specializing in shapewear, workout clothes, lingerie, jeans and much more, all in the most curvy style.

Most women dream of a body with lush curves, leaving the body in the shape of an hourglass, and there are clothes that will help you achieve the style you want. In the store you can find faja jeans of all styles and for all tastes, each piece is more beautiful than the other, and with different types of washes.’s-high-waist-slim-stretch-flared-jeans

I particularly love the flared jeans, because they elongate the entire silhouette, give shape to the body, and at the bottom they are wider, giving more harmony to the look. These pants in the photo above have a darker denim look, and look great in evening looks. Imagine wearing it with a powerful heel, a top, and a jacket on top. It’s going to look amazing!

The quality of the pants is great, and you can find different sizes in the store, to suit all body types. A very important tip is that you have written down your measurements in centimetres, so that you can check them on the product page and choose the correct clothing size.’s-trousers-22122329-1

If you like a lighter wash, you’ll love this model. Note that it is also belted, and has a small slit at the end of the leg. It is a detail that greatly enhances the pants, and makes the look much more stylish.

These pants have elastic, that is, they stretch and give more comfort for you to wear on a daily basis. It’s a great piece for you to compose stripped looks, and putting a blazer on top can easily turn into a work look, you’ll be very well dressed and elegant.

Another type of garment that I like to wear are faja shorts, as they can be worn with practically any type of clothing, especially dresses and skirts, providing greater comfort and safety during our day. Normally, this type of piece shapes our body more, making our waist thinner and the butt more perky.

The model in the photo above is ideal for women who like more delicate and elegant pieces, as it has the lace detail that gives it a more feminine touch. This type of clothing raises any woman’s self-esteem.

You can check the curvy faja reviews on the site, to learn more about the brand’s clothes, and also check what people who have already bought on the site thought about the products. I’m sure you’ll love it!

The best silicone rubber products at New Top Rubber!

Hi darlings, whats up?
For those who follow me on social media, it will be a year since I moved, and in that time, shopping for objects and utensils for the unfinished house, apart from furniture and other big things. And speaking of rubber, I really like to buy those made of silicone, in addition to a great cost.

With that in mind, found a leading company in the production of custom silicone products, with more than 12 years of experience in the market, New Top Rubber Solutions manufactures LSR and LSR multi-shot, in addition, they also manufacture kitchen utensils, items for teethers for, for example, application products, toys for animals, among other children

I’ve separated some products with silicone rubber to show you, like these jars with divisions for you to store your food and take it to work for example. They are very versatile and relaxed because they are colorful.

In addition, they have 100% ecological silicone raw material, which already contributes a lot to the preservation of the environment. The material is very resistant, and can be taken to the microwave, oven and refrigerator. It’s also super easy to clean and leak proof.

Another item that I found super interesting is the candle molds, for those who make them at home to sell, it’s a great alternative. I, for example, have a candle with this mold, and it’s super hot!

Children are not left out of this either! There are several products for children’s use, and like these teethers in the shape of a rabbit, it’s the cutest thing, and it still contributes to your baby’s imagination.

The silicone is very resistant, of premium quality, but at the same time flexible and soft. The ears are perfect for putting in your mouth, and they’re also super easy to clean. It has several colors available. And if you want to customize, it can be done at the time of request.

Tell me, are you also a fan of products with silicone rubber? In my opinion it’s really worth it!

Minha SkinCare Coreana by YesStyle!

Oi amores! Tudo bem? Como muitos de vocês sabem, eu sou apaixonada em SkinCare, amo cuidar da pele, ter aquele momento relaxante é uma terapia. E ultimamente tenho tido a oportunidade de conhecer produtos coreanos, e quem gosta desse assunto sabe que os coreanos arrasam nesse quesito!

Fiz um video mostrando alguns produtos incríveis que recebi da e para quem quiser comprar na loja com desconto e só usar meu código: LUANAS05

Stylish T-shirts at Wayrates

Hi loves, how are you?

I was wondering if you guys ever bought a Father’s Day gift for your dad, or for your uncle, husband or even boyfriend? Because as tomorrow is the day, I was browsing the internet to get some gift idea. And soon I found an amazing website for tactical clothing, it even reminded me a little of the looks of those famous mobile games. Do you know Wayrates? It is a store that sells stylish, practical and comfortable clothes, ideal for outdoor activities, and also delivers to the whole world, in fact, it has a Portuguese version of the site for us Brazilians.

I thought their men’s T-shirts were really cool, they’re very stylish and fun, and I’m sure it would be a great gift. I have separated some models to show you.

The store works with all sizes of T-shirts and is having a progressive discount, that is, the more you buy, the more discount you will have. Get up to 90% off! And you can find all kinds of prints, that is, there is something for all tastes and styles. It has the logo of bands, brands in general, such as drinks for example.

This one by Pink Floyd for example was one of my favorites, I love their logo, and anyone who is a fan of the band can’t help but love it! The shirts are made of cotton and can be washed in the machine, always keep an eye on this information, for the life of your clothes.

This Texaco T-shirt, for example, has mesh material, and is super comfortable! She is also very stylish and can be used to put together several looks. With a pair of jeans or denim shorts it will look great. There are also other shades on the website if you want a different color!
One thing I found super interesting about the store is that the clothes are tested in all types of weather and environments, to make sure it will meet your needs, for a walk in the open air, and it could even be more extreme activities.

This one from Pica Pau “angry” I would use without a doubt, I thought it was super fun and cool! And their price is really worth it, especially being original and high quality products.
In addition to the T-Shirts, check out the other clothes as well, because I’m sure you’ll fall in love with all the style.

I hope you liked the tip and feel free to leave your comments.

OUT OF THE MUG reúne time de influenciadoras e grandes empresas para ação em prol da ONG CABELEGRIA

Ação tem como objetivo arrecadar fundos para ampliar a doação de perucas para pacientes que enfrentam a perda do cabelo

Com o foco em “fazer o bem, traz o bem”, a OUT OF THE MUG – empresa de e-sport – uniu forças com influenciadoras digitais para lançar uma campanha em prol da ONG CABELEGRIA. A instituição doa perucas para pacientes que enfrentam a perda do cabelo em decorrência ao tratamento oncológico, ou por causa de outras doenças.

Entres os dias 21 de junho e 21 de setembro, um grupo de influenciadoras parceiras da Out of The Mug vai receber perucas emprestadas para produzirem conteúdo para os seus canais digitais. Stories, Lives e Posts vão falar sobre como a ONG ajuda os pacientes oncológicos a recuperar a autoestima e o bem-estar, mesmo diante dos desafios do tratamento.

O objetivo é divulgar o trabalho da CABELEGRIA e auxiliar na captação de recursos para aumentar a produção de perucas. Dessa forma, será possível ajudar um número maior de pessoas.

A CABELEGRIA já ajudou mais de 9 mil pacientes de câncer e outras enfermidades. Dentre esses pacientes, estão cerca de 3 mil crianças, 5 mil mulheres e mais de 500 doações a hospitais e casas de apoio. A ONG conta com quatro bancos de perucas em São Paulo e um no Rio de Janeiro. Em 2016, inaugurou o primeiro e único banco de perucas móvel do mundo. Porém, mesmo tendo material para confeccionar mais de 100 mil perucas, não há verba suficiente para contratar mais costureiras e aumentar a produção.

A Out of The Mug reuniu 14 influenciadoras, de diversos setores como games, turismo, beleza, moda e marketing. Instituições de saúde, de música e alguns restaurantes também vão participar da campanha voluntariamente.

Entre os nomes estão Nicole Merhy, Mariana Nery, Isis Vasconcellos, Brenda, Vittoria Hollt, Yuni Duda, Míra Gomes, Lívia Brasil, Bia Dias Coutos, Tainá Rodrigues, Mariana Teixeira entre outras. A rede de restaurantes Outback, a escola de música School of Rock e a Prevent Senior também estão participando voluntariamente da campanha.

Apesar dos avanços da Medicina, o câncer é uma doença que continua muito presente na sociedade. Em números de prevalência nos últimos 5 anos, o Brasil tem 1,5 milhão de pessoas vivendo com câncer. Em todo mundo, são esperados 28,4 milhões de novos casos de câncer em 2040, um aumento de aproximadamente 47% em relação a 2020. O principal objetivo da ONG é levar levar conforto e alegria para milhares de pessoas.

Fundada em outubro de 2013 pelas amigas Mariana Robrahn e Mylene Duarte, a CABELEGRIA ( é uma ONG que arrecada cabelos, confecciona e distribui perucas para pacientes com câncer via Correios e por meio de Bancos de Perucas (itinerante e fixos).

Todo o processo é gratuito: em nenhum momento os pacientes que recorrem a ONG são onerados. Não é exigido comprovação de renda nem nenhum tipo de pagamento pelas perucas.

A CABELEGRIA acredita que a autoestima pode fazer toda a diferença durante o tratamento. Por isso, busca aumentar cada vez mais as doações de perucas para pacientes e expandir o Banco de Perucas para os maiores centros de tratamento oncológico do Brasil.

Em 2020, a instituição recebeu o selo MELHORES ONGS 2020.

Com um 1 ano de mercado no segmento de e-sport, Luiza Helena Costa, especializada em games, iniciou a OUT OF THE MUG ( com suas sócias Mônica Bertin e Camila Moretti, ambas com experiência em planejamento e novos negócios. A start up conecta empresas não endêmicas com projetos de sucesso do ecossistema de e-sport e tem a missão de ajudar estas empresas a encontrar os melhores formatos de comunicação e relacionamento com este público. Hoje possuem contratos com clientes e com as maiores empresas do setor, sendo cerca de 14 organizações parceiras, inclusive internacionais entre times, plataformas, organizadoras e influencers.

Training beautiful with Lover-Beauty

Hi loves, how are you?

Every day that passes I see how important it is to take care of the body and worry about our physical health, and for that reason, every day I have been doing my physical exercises. I have attended training classes, and focused as much as I can. I’m already starting to see some results.

I confess to you that my gym clothes are a little old, and I need to buy some new pieces. Browsing the internet, I found the Lover-Beauty website, you know? In this dedicated store, everything you can imagine, that involves this world of fitness, and body care.

I separated some pieces to show you, I am completely in love and I already want to buy everything.

In the store you will find wholesale sportswear, of the most diverse models and colors. This pink set above is one of my favorites. It is an animal print, which makes the look much more youthful and stylish.
Below is this blue, which is also perfect. I was enchanted with this print, and the fact that the blouse has a sleeve, makes me like it even more.

Another thing that I find super interesting and that sells at Lover-Beauty are body shaper buttock lifter, I’m dying to buy it, because in addition to defining and fine-tuning the waist, it also raises the butt more. And I really need this.

It has several models and colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your reality. And the best thing is the prices, much cheaper than on other sites.

It is important to remember that the store also has Plus size, that is, it has it for everyone! And it’s very easy to buy, you just have to register, choose the parts you want, and pay with an international credit card, all without mystery.
If you want any help, you can say that I will try to help you.