Black Friday na FeelingGirlDress

Hi loves, how are you? The end of the year is here and the Black Friday season and discounts have arrived. At that time we took the opportunity to buy especially new clothes, and I needed to come and tell you that Feelingirldress black friday 2020 started.

FeelingGirlDress is a store that sells all types of clothing, plus plus size fashion and beachwear. I am delighted with the dresses as it is my focus for the holiday season.

If it were necessary to describe the clothes with just one word, probably the one chosen for the maxi dresses would be “multifaceted”. The length goes, calmly, from a sunny morning on the beach to a party night with very few changes. Of course, he is not limited to these two occasions. On the contrary, there are few occasions that do not require a long dress.

The light and loose fabrics do not limit the legs like short skirts or midi, but the extra fabric warms the legs when winter threatens to arrive. They can have long or short sleeves, straight or waistband models, different cutouts and slits. Everything is possible with the maxi dresses! The store is with wholesale maxi dresses, and look how beautiful this one below:

It is a floral model, ideal for summer, which is good to use during the day, or at night.

Clothing tailored to the body is a favorite of women. Widely used in the 90s, the bandage dress became the “darling” of the female audience due to the piece highlighting and accentuating the feminine curves, leaving women with a slim figure. The bandage dress got its name because the piece is very similar to a bandage bandage, that is, it looks like an elastic band that is wrapped around the body.

It can be seen in dresses and skirts leaving women with a more feminine and extremely sexy look. However, to use the piece adjusted to the body properly without appearing vulgar, one must use the rule of compensation in its production: use the piece adjusted to the body with other wider pieces. That way, you’ll be able to achieve a sexy look in the right measure. The store also has a whosale bandage dress, see these two models below.

Everyone loves basic black, or not so basic.
This red dress is breathtaking.

I hope you enjoyed the directions, it is very worthwhile to visit the store.


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