Modeling the body!

Hi loves, how are you?
I confess, with the quarantine, I gained a few extra greases, it was almost inevitable, at home all the time, without being able to go out, walk, it is really difficult. I have always been thinner, and I am strangling my body like this now, as this is the biggest weight I have ever had in my life, although I have not weighed myself lately.

Because of that, lately I have been thinking a lot about using waist cincher for women, I wonder if they really help to reduce our waist, and I have heard people who have used them speak very well. I am looking to buy a strap, and these days I was researching and found the LoverBeauty store, where you can find straps, modeling panties, among other things.

Look at some straps you have in store.

Browsing the site, I also found the shaper panty, and I found it incredible. It must be great to wear with a dress on that occasion that you want to have the perfect modeling. The modeling panties go up just below the breasts, so it’s perfect to not let any fat appear.

The model panties has since the most dug version, for the bermuda style version, and has a nude tone, to get better with the skin tone. Before you ask me, sizes range from S to 3XL or 6XL, depending on the product.

Another thing that caught my attention on the site was a post on how to lift buttocks with tape, I found it super interesting, and it’s very worthwhile to read it. Everyone wants a more upright butt, and in the post you will know how to solve it.

I loved visiting the store, and I highly recommend you visit it too. Remember that the store also works with Plus Size. So what are you waiting for to visit the store? Go there and come back here to tell me what you think.

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