Women’s outerwear sale in Holapick!

More than just a piece to warm up, the jacket can be the main element of a production. Promoted to dress or inherited from military uniforms, he can assume different positions and combinations. Invest in classic models and neutral colors if you want to use yours on a variety of occasions.

Do you know Holapick? It is a clothing store that only sells everything from the most beautiful and cheap, and of course, trends that we want so much. So I decided to talk a little about the store’s coats.

You need to take advantage of the store’s ladies coats sale. I particularly love this coat model! Wildcards, they go well for any woman. The shorter ones can combine them with high boots and high heels, thus gaining the illusion of a few centimeters more in height. It is worth combining trench coats with dresses (long or short!) And tights. The belt, present in most trench coats, helps to narrow the waist and disguise the hips. Many are still made of nylon, the perfect fabric for rainy days.

The aviator model – the one made of leather with a synthetic collar in white or ivory – fell in the taste of it-girls. Besides being super warm, he looks beautiful in more informal looks and marries well even with tight dresses and ankle boots. Ah, who is more plump can also use this model of coat at will, after all, even though it is tighter, it draws attention to the lap and disguises the unwanted belly fat.

As much as here in Brazil it is not that cold, it is worth guaranteeing your stylish coat for next winter, especially with the womens outwear sale in the entire store.

Blazers are perfect for those who work outside and need to keep warm, even in a more formal production. The current models of blazers also have shoulder pads, which gives a more modern touch to the piece. By finishing at the hips, they look even better with skinny pants. My fashion tip is to list it with the sleeves rolled up and a nice mix of bracelets. Wow!!

Pay a visit to Holapick, you will love it!

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