Top 5 Bridesmaid Dresses Cheap for your Wedding 2022

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Who ever had the opportunity and gift of being called to be a maid of honor at their friend’s wedding? I confess that I haven’t had that pleasure yet, but I still have high hopes. And for the lucky ones who were invited recently and are looking for a dress for that special moment, I came to bring you some options from a darling online store, My Chic Dress. If you follow the blog posts, you have surely seen me talking about this store.

In addition to being an online store with dresses and accessories for various special occasions, in which you need to wear a gala dress, you will find first-class quality and service, and normally in 20 days you will have your dress made to measure in your hands.

Check out some models below:

One of the best things about this store is the great prices, and you can buy Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses, one more beautiful than the other. Like those green ones above, which are satin, elastic, and with a huge slit, making the piece more sensual and elegant.

This model above is also super chic! In the photo you can see this white version, but as brides usually ask for a different color for the bridesmaids, you can change the color of the dress. It has a side slit, and that detail at the neckline, with its straps on one side only. Super bold and different!

For the more discreet bridesmaids, but who still insist on being elegant, this blue is the right choice. He has a mermaid tail that is super high, you can bet on this trend.

This is one of my favorites! Firstly because of the champagne color, which is something different and very delicate. The satin dress brings an air of sensuality and elegance. And this one still has the detail of being one-shoulder. So much perfection in one dress!

This one is for the boldest bridesmaids! It’s a one-shoulder, all-sequined off-the-shoulder gown for you to shine! Perfect for evening weddings. This one is rose gold, but you can choose other shades.

When you buy on the website, it is important that you have your measurements at hand, so that you can order your dress tailored, so you don’t make the mistake of buying the wrong size, but you can also order in a standard size. In the store there are several sizes, from the thinnest to the plus size sizes.

It is very easy to order, the site is very dynamic. If you’re wondering how delivery is made, I’ll answer you. First, when you place your order, the dress takes 10-15 days to make, but you can pay extra to order urgently, and delivery takes 3-5 days, super fast.

What are you waiting for to visit the store and buy your perfect dress?

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