The best prices are at Wholesale7

Hi loves how are you? Who here is addicted to online shopping and loves to visit stores at rock bottom prices? It’s the best thing, isn’t it? Browsing the internet, I found the store, you know? There you will find clothes, accessories, shoes and beachwear, all in one place.

Whenever I can, I look for cheap clothing stores because we know that everything is much more expensive in our country, and having the opportunity to buy stylish clothes at much lower prices helps us a lot.

I’m passionate about prices, there’s a section where everything costs R$5 at most, lots of clothes, bags, accessories, for up to that amount. Look at this blouse in the photo below, super stylish and very trendy. For those who don’t know, this opening in the neckline is super high.

Now look at this bag, do you believe it costs only R$2.66? I am losing my mind! I’ve been looking for a very stylish transparent bag for a while, and this one is perfect, I think it will be my next purchase.

As we know, we are in the country of beaches, and at least most Brazilians are always attending, even in times of pandemic. You need to see the sexy bikini set they have in the store, each one prettier than the last. I’m already choosing which sets to buy for next summer. Are you also one of those who like to replenish your bikini stock every summer?

This model below is without a doubt one of my favorites, because it reminds me a lot of Kardashian’s. This tie at the waist is super high, and I’m really looking for a model like this to buy. And I don’t know if you noticed, but brown is a trend, I’ve seen a lot in the it girls’ looks. But of course the store has several other color options to choose from.

To buy in the store is super easy, if you are already used to shopping online, you will take it literally. Just make your registration, fill in your address, choose your pieces, enter your card details and complete the purchase. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me and I would be happy to help you. So don’t waste time, as the site is full of promotions, and on your first purchase you can get 15% off. So enjoy!

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