The Best Makeup at Wordmakeup

Hi loves, how are you? Hope so!
As you know, I love talking about tips from the female world around here, especially makeup, who doesn’t? And when I find a store full of amazing products that are worth buying, I have to point them to you.

Have you ever heard about It is an online store that sells wholesale makeup and cosmetics from the best brands in the world and at great prices. I was super excited when I saw the variety of products we find in the store. In our country we don’t always find all the international brands we want, so it’s always good to find a new store that will fulfill our desire.

One of the items I most wanted to buy was this Bobbi Brown powder, it is one of the most famous and adored in the world! All I hear is good talk, and he’s been on my wishlist for a while. Not to mention that its value is cheaper at Wordmakeup.

Now look at this Nars eyeshadows palette, what a beautiful thing!!! I really need her to be part of my makeup collection! Another eyeshadow palette that I loved is the one below, from Too Faced. She is very famous, and a great choice for those who like a more neutral look. And believe it or not, it smells like chocolate!!

But one item that made my heart beat faster was this Anastasia eyeshadow palette, she is perfect! It has neutral tones and colored tones in one palette, meaning it’s for all tastes! No doubt she’s on my list of makeups I need to buy!

The store ships worldwide, and it’s super easy to buy! All you have to do is place your choices in the shopping cart, and after you finish, just make your registration by filling in your details and the card. Any questions just tell me that I’ll help.

But that’s it, I hope you enjoyed it, and tell me which of the products I showed you here was your favorite?

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