WordMakeup Is The Best!

Hi loves, how are you?
Going back to talk a little more about the wordmakeup store that has piqued my interest so much! No site has all the beauty brands you can imagine, an immense variety.

One of the best things is the cheap makeup brands, I even separated some of my choices to show you, the price difference is quite high, and it’s much more worth buying at wordmakeup.

MAC lipsticks are only $12, can you believe it? I’ve always been in love with the brand’s lipsticks, and I have many colors, it’s an addiction!! And I really like their quality, because they are pigmented, comfortable to apply on the lips, have beautiful and innovative colors, and the smell reminds me of chocolate.

This Giorgio Armani base looks amazing! I’ve heard very good talk about her, and it’s been a while since she’s been on my list of makeup I need to buy. If you ask me which makeup item I think is worth investing in, I will answer without a doubt that it is the foundation. A beautiful and well-made skin makes all the difference when it comes to the look. wordmakeup as a wholesale cosmetics store, serves many customers, and ships all over the world!

MAC illuminators also have a place in my heart! The brand is one of the best on the market, and is always innovating and on top of trends. The extra dimension skinfinish mac is a very fine illuminator, and it looks super natural on the skin, giving it a cinematic glow. The transparent packaging in my opinion gives a more elegant touch to the product.

Speaking of illuminators, I’ve always been crazy to have this Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit – Moonchild palette, the colors are very bold and different, there’s even a purple illuminator! I love these innovations. Unfortunately where I live it’s expensive, but at WordMakeup it’s only $14, and I was blown away when I saw this price, it’s very cheap, and I need to buy it!!

Tell me, what was your favorite product?

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