A love for UP2STEP shoes

Hi loves, how are you? I’m sure many of you here love shoes, and I’ll be buying several new pairs of shoes to put together looks.

These days I met a store that made me freak out and want to buy them all! Have you heard of UP2STEP? It is an online shoe store that meets the needs of its customers, who want to know that they are trending in the world, which in many are quite expensive, but that this price manages to put in a more accessible place for us.

This store is for anyone looking for high quality modern or classic shoes at a fair price we can afford. See just a few models that separate to show you.

Stilleto Sandals + https://up2step.com/pumps-heel/stiletto-heels/stiletto-sandals

I fell in love with Stiletto Sandals, this model above took my breath away, I can only think that I need to have it in my shoe collection. It is black, with a thin heel, has pearls and shiny stones, super elegant and modern. And it still has these wrap-around ankle straps, translating: Perfect!

Clear Heels + https://up2step.com/pumps-heel/clear-heels

I was also delighted with the Clear Heels models, this one for example is a transparent pump, super chic, that matches any look and is very modern.


Now this mule is at the same time classic, we can also say that it is modern, because its trend goes back and forth, and nowadays it is super high. It makes any look more elegant.

UP2STEP delivers worldwide, and depending on the amount you buy, you can still get free shipping. Shipping is very fast too, being an international store, it’s worth it.

To buy is very simple, just register on the site, enter your data with address, choose your products and then finalize the purchase in the cart with your card data. It is important that you have an international credit card. They accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and also Paypal.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have up to 7 days to return it from the day of receipt. The website has all the right information.

That’s it loves, I hope you enjoyed the tip, and tell me what was your favorite shoe?

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