Black Friday na FeelingGirlDress

Hi loves, how are you? The end of the year is here and the Black Friday season and discounts have arrived. At that time we took the opportunity to buy especially new clothes, and I needed to come and tell you that Feelingirldress black friday 2020 started.

FeelingGirlDress is a store that sells all types of clothing, plus plus size fashion and beachwear. I am delighted with the dresses as it is my focus for the holiday season.

If it were necessary to describe the clothes with just one word, probably the one chosen for the maxi dresses would be “multifaceted”. The length goes, calmly, from a sunny morning on the beach to a party night with very few changes. Of course, he is not limited to these two occasions. On the contrary, there are few occasions that do not require a long dress.

The light and loose fabrics do not limit the legs like short skirts or midi, but the extra fabric warms the legs when winter threatens to arrive. They can have long or short sleeves, straight or waistband models, different cutouts and slits. Everything is possible with the maxi dresses! The store is with wholesale maxi dresses, and look how beautiful this one below:

It is a floral model, ideal for summer, which is good to use during the day, or at night.

Clothing tailored to the body is a favorite of women. Widely used in the 90s, the bandage dress became the “darling” of the female audience due to the piece highlighting and accentuating the feminine curves, leaving women with a slim figure. The bandage dress got its name because the piece is very similar to a bandage bandage, that is, it looks like an elastic band that is wrapped around the body.

It can be seen in dresses and skirts leaving women with a more feminine and extremely sexy look. However, to use the piece adjusted to the body properly without appearing vulgar, one must use the rule of compensation in its production: use the piece adjusted to the body with other wider pieces. That way, you’ll be able to achieve a sexy look in the right measure. The store also has a whosale bandage dress, see these two models below.

Everyone loves basic black, or not so basic.
This red dress is breathtaking.

I hope you enjoyed the directions, it is very worthwhile to visit the store.


The best suits

The suit is the most traditional set of men’s fashion. It has survived for generations and trends, reinvented itself and today is synonymous with good taste and a necessary item in any men’s wardrobe. However, it is necessary to follow some rules so that you are well dressed and elegant.

There are three different types of cuts, each best adapts to a style and body type. The Italian cut is more waisted, with narrow sleeves, tight on the chest, but not attached to the body, low-waisted pants, well-structured shoulders, wide lapels in a notched format, tighter jacket waist, flapless pocket, no slits on the part back of the jacket. The English cut is looser and slightly waisted, with the pants adjusted to the body. The shoulders are less structured, with thin notched lapels, flap pockets and 2 rear slits. The Classic or American cut has a straight and comfortable fit, shoulders with a moderate structure, notch or peak lapels, slightly belted, flap or slash pockets and just a slit.

Have you heard of the allaboutsuit store? It is a store that sells all kinds of suits you can imagine, for all occasions. And at the time of your purchase it is super simple to choose your numbering so you don’t have an error.

One of the most formal attire that exists, the black tie consists of a black tuxedo, white shirt, bow tie, waistcoat and dress shoes. This is an extremely formal and sophisticated aspect, being used more by the trainees than by the revelations.

It is worth mentioning that this type of prom suit can have some variations, such as not using the vest, for example. Still, this is a completely formal outfit and suitable for an occasion.

Formal and classic wedding suits that are worn at night events, are an elegant alternative to evening weddings that have a certain formality. They are usually black suits and used with black or dark ties, always with more sober cores. It is ideal for those who want to give an air of classic.

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Waist Trainer by Lover Beauty

Hi loves, how are you? Lately I have become more interested in strapping every day. I think it’s the quarantine’s fault. Most of us gain more weight, and the search for methods to slim and slim the waist is growing even more.

Do you know a Lover Beauty? It is an online store focused on straps, to narrow the waist. I saw a lot of people talk well about straps, I think it really makes a difference at the waist.
There are different types of modeling braces on the market, and each one helps to achieve different results. Despite this, all reduce measures and shape the silhouette, in addition to contributing to recovery in the postoperative period.

Modelers are garments used mainly to reduce body measures. Who has a little more abdominal volume, for example, can disguise it with the use of a brace.

In addition to this result, the different types of modeling belt contribute to the improvement of posture, stimulating the body to remain in a straighter position and avoiding the overload of structures such as the spine.

This product can be indicated for those who are in post-surgical recovery. This is because it helps to reduce discomfort in the operated area and protects this area, favoring the desired results.

Whoever performed aesthetic interventions benefits from the straps, as they bring more firmness to the skin, stiffening the region shaped by the procedure. Therefore, in some situations it may be indispensable.

Remembering that it is important to choose the appropriate version between the types of belt and pay attention to the size. After all, it is essential to be comfortable to promote skin breathing and not have limited movements.

I chose some straps to show you, best waist trainer for weight loss. It has several different models.

Another very good point is that it also has best waist trainer for plus size, so you have no excuse for not buying your strap. It is a store that caters to all audiences.

I can’t help commenting that the Black Friday waist trainer for plus size is rolling on the website, you can’t miss this promotion. The prices are very good, and you will love it!

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10 Dicas para Comprar pela Internet

Oi amores, tudo bem? Eu sempre comprei muito pela internet, e esse ano com a quarentena, reparei que o número de pessoas que compram online cresceu muito. Sempre recebo perguntas sobre sites que confio, onde achar tal produto, e pensando nisso resolvi fazer uma lista com 10 dicas para você fazer sua compra pela internet.

Dica 1: Procure saber se o site é confiável. Normalmente eu escrevo no Google: “o nome do site + é confiável?”, sempre aparece o site do reclame aqui com depoimentos de pessoas que já compraram.

Dica 2: Eu também reparo na barra do navegador se esta com um cadeado e escrito “seguro”, e também se o link começa com “https://” (é importante ter esse S no final).

Dica 3: Se for comprar em site de roupa, sempre olhe a tabela de medidas. Nela você vai poder ver quantos centímetros tem cada tamanho do site. Dessa forma não tem perigo de você comprar a peça no tamanho errado.

Dica 4: Antes de fazer o pagamento, saiba se o produto é Pronta Entrega, ou se é por encomenda.

Dica 5: Verifique se o site disponibiliza canais de atendimento. Um dado importante para verificar se uma loja virtual é confiável é a disposição de canais de atendimento ao cliente. Confira se o site fornece informações como CNPJ, endereço, telefone e contato do SAC.

Dica 6: Quem não ama um desconto? Use cupons! O Cupom Válido é um site que reúne as principais lojas, com cupons de descontos e até frete grátis. Você nem precisa fazer cadastro, é tudo muito seguro e você faz a compra no site da loja mesmo. É só você ir no Cupom Válido, pesquisar o nome da loja, pegar o cupom que você quiser, e usar na sua compra. Por falar nisso, no momento, eles estão com cupom para Outlet Sephora de até 70% de desconto!

Dica 7: Não faça compras de um computador que não tenha antivírus, ou que o antivírus esteja desatualizado.

Dica 8: Desconfie se o preço estiver muito baixo. Quando a oferta é muito boa para ser verdade, as vezes o site pode estar camuflando problemas com o produto.

Dica 9: Evite deixar seus dados bancários salvos nos navegadores ou no próprio site de compra.

Dica 10: Salve sempre os comprovantes da compra com o Protocolo da transação e detalhamento do preço e produto.

Final de ano esta aí, e tenho certeza que você já esta com várias coisas em mente para comprar. Então não dá mole, e aproveita os descontos do Cupom Válido.

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