Lolita Fashion on a Budget:The Accessories You Must Have

The Accessories You Must Have Wondering what Loita fashion is? You are new to this and love seeing the models dress up in old Victorian dresses while looking adorable.

Brief History

Lolita Fashion is a subculture of Japanese street fashion. It began to become popular in the streets of Harajuku in the late 1970s. The style focused on then Victorian-era clothing. The popularity of it raised in the early 2000s, due to reaching the United States. Lolita fashion has continued to evolve throughout the decades. It’s becoming even more popular thanks to social media.

Note: Lolita Fashion has nothing to do with the Western Vladimir Nabokov’s novel. The only similarity is the name.

Real Loita Fashion is About

Lolita fashion puts emphasis on cuteness, elegance, modest and neatness of the model. It creates a way to express your creativity and imagination. It’s often confused with being apart of cosplay and anime. Lolita style is a fashion and a lifestyle choice.

There are different sub-styles in this fashion. The main three people know about are:


This style was the start of lolita fashion and you know a classic Lolita when you see her. This style is heavily influenced by the Victorian area. It is known to be the most mature and modest look. Classic lolita colors are based on neutral brown, beige, navy, antique pink.

Sweet  It is the most popular style and people learn this style through social media. They are seen as being the most innocent and sweetest style.

Hence the name SWEET lolita. Sweet lolita colors are pastel blue, pink, mint green, and purple.


 people are often introduced to this style through anime and manga. The artists in anime love to dress their characters in this fashion. The gothic lolita takes inspiration from the Victorian goth fashion.

Lolita gothic colors are dark such as black, dark red, and dark purple.

Choosing the style that you would love to dress in is the easy part. The problem with lolita fashion is that it can be quite expensive. The dress alone can run up to $1,000 in US dollars.

To keep the budget down research each style and choose which one you like the most. Then find the dress and accessories to go with it.

Many do not want to be cheap on the dress due to the fear of having something that is low quality. If you are going to pay money on a dress you want it to last for years.

You are on a budget now after getting the dress and don’t have the money to spend on high priced accessories. You are in luck because you can spend a lot less on the accessories to make your outfit POP!

Accessories You Need to Have  

Kawaii Wigs  

You don’t have time to do your hair and change the color. This can help you spend less on hair products and tools. The wig can bring the hairstyle that you need to pull the whole outfit together. Try to buy one wig that matches the style you are choosing and you can wear more than one outfit. Often a Lolita hairstyle is long with bangs and curls. Try to match the hair color depending on which style you are going for. For example 

  • Sweet Lolita: blonde, pastel color such as pink or purple 
  • Gothic Lolita: black with highlights with dark red or purple 
  • Classic Lolita: brown or urban 

Cute Purse 

Where else are you going to house all of your items and you can’t just use a regular everyday purse. Purses usually take the shape of the style of the lolita. 

Sweet Lolita: This style is often wanting to be cute and adorable candy or bunny. 

Classic: These purses are often in the shape of berries or animals. 

Gothic: The gothic style purses are often in the Halloween theme.  

Lolita purses need to match the style you are going for to make your outfit. There are plenty of purses You can find for a decent price that is made out of good material, won’t be floppy and show signs of wear quickly. 

Lace Bracelets 

Lace is one of the important aspects of the outfit. Every Loita loves their lace and what gives the Lolita the modest look. The lace also shows elegance and feminity. 

 Having low-quality lace is often frowned upon and changes the whole look of the outfit. In a cheaper dress, the lace is often done unflattering. Often dresses made with high-quality lace can be expensive. To stay on a budget try to find a dress with less lace and wear lace bracelets to accent the dress. 


Bunny ears 

For headwear, This is when you want to go for a more anime look. It can be cute, adorable, and playful. 

Keep in mind 

 This is looking down upon because many don’t like the lolita fashion to be confused with anime. 

Though this rule can be broken when you add the bunny ears in a different part of your outfit. Adding the bunny ears to your shoes or purse can add a different touch to your outfit. 

If you want a less anime look then try these items that are still budget-friendly. 

Alice bow 

Think Alice in Wonderland. This bow sits on top of the head. Adding the overall look of cuteness.  

Smaller bows 

These bows are used for barrettes when you want to wear your hair in pigtails and keep it simple.  

When the bow is added to the outfit it adds emphasis on the cuteness and elegance that many look for. 

 You can add them to any part of the outfit. It’t€™s cheap to buy and even cheaper if you make your own.  

Wrapping It Up 

Lolita fashion doesn’t€™t have to be as expensive as you think. Spend the extra money on the dress so you can have it for years to come. The accessories can be on the cheaper side to help with your pockets. These must-have accessories are just the start of your collection. You can add in many more for the right price.  

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